Review policy

Hi, I’m Iris, the writer behind the Color with Iris blog. This site is all about coloring, supplies and coloring books. As such, I review books and supplies and do accept review copies/items for both genres.

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Everything said in this blog is my opinion, you may have a different experience with reviewed items.
If a review item has been sent to me, there will always be the following disclosure at the bottom of the post (or something to this effect when it’s not a book):
Disclosure: A review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher. All of the above opinions are my own.
Unless that statement is present, I have bought the said product myself. Regardless, all opinions are always my own.
Color with Iris is an affiliate to Bookdepository and purchasing through the links in the blog will give me a very small revenue. If you choose to do so, thank you for the support, it will definitely help keep this blog going 🙂

What do I accept:

As a coloring blog, I accept coloring books and all kinds of supplies related to it. I only accept physical copies, no e-books. I will not rip a book to shreds if I don’t like it but I will mention what it is that I don’t like, most often it’s about the paper. Generally I try to keep my blog a happy place and thus I might not accept your book if it’s not something I think I’d enjoy.
I love books with girls the best but not a fan of mandalas and patterns.

Where do I post:

Color with Iris blog
Color with Iris Instagram
Color with Iris Goodreads
Color with Iris Youtube channel
Color with Iris Facebook page

What do I post:

Books – I always post technical details about the book, where to buy it, a flip through video on Youtube (embedded to the blog) and a verbal review. I often also include a colored example picture. This is both so that the readers can get an idea of what the images can look like and to test out the paper thoroughly.
Pencils – I always post pictures of the box, pencils themselves, color charts and an example image done with them. In the verbal review I mention the origin of the brand, general information about the pencils, pros and cons and a comparison with other known brands. I do my best to provide a very thorough look at them so buyers know what to expect.

When do I post:

If you send me your book/item to review, it will be dealt with in a timely manner. Since I mostly like to do a colored sample image, it will usually take a few days to a week since time of arrival to complete the review, in some cases it might be a bit more if I happen to have a bit of a queue.

Review policy created in September 2016 and may be subject to change at a later date.