Book review – Absolutely Amazing Stress Relieving Wild Animals, Vivid Publishers

Today, something for those of you who love to color animals! Absolutely Amazing Stress Relieving Wild Animals by Chinthaka Herath, Vivid Publishers.

Details: Paperback, Vivid Publishers, 2017
Pages: 216 x 280 mm, 96 pages, standard Amazon paper, single-sided
ISBN10: 1546763600
ISBN13: 9781546763604
Buy from: Amazon

This is a book filled with animals of all kinds, it has 40 illustrations for you to color, all single-sided on standard Amazon paper. There is a dotted line on each page to guide you to cut out the page if are so inclined. There’s a nameplate page as well which I quite like, I rarely ever color them but I like that they’re there, color me odd. All the pages are numbered and there’s an index as well which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, plus if you don’t know the name of a creature, you can look it up from the index. The end also has a few blank pages where you can test your mediums.

The imagery itself is something Millie Marotta’s fans might really enjoy, the animals are made of geometrical shapes and the style in general reminds me of Millie. They vary in detail, some are easier, some really detailed. Some have a background as well, some don’t. Some have already filled in black spaces. In any case, if you’re into coloring animals, this is worth a look. The paper will be okay for pencils, for markers you will need to put a sheet between the pages to avoid color bleeding on to the next image below. Water mediums would not be good for this paper.

I wish Amazon would provide better paper through CreativeSpace, it’s a wonderful platform for small publishers and artists to get their work out there but with the market being flooded with tons of books, I fear the standard copy paper puts them at a disadvantage. However even more the reason to support the artists you like!

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher. All of the above opinions are my own.

In other news, we’ll finish the last bit of the ongoing color along in a few days. I’ve filmed it and now trying to wiggle in time to edit it all together. So yay for those who follow that 🙂 And there will be a steady flow of color along projects from now on, the parts are spaced apart more then they were but at least you can be sure there’s always something to follow along, which should be a good thing I hope.

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