Color with me – Mermaid from Sagor och Sägner, day two

Mermaid time! Okay, well not technically mermaid but a fish at best. Today we’ll be working on the leaves, water lilies and the first of the fish. Roll up your sleeves and lets get going!

Stuff used on day one:
Prismacolor Premier (set of 150)
Pencils listed in order of appearance. Feel free to use other pencils and/or replace some colorways entirely with something else you like

  • Dark Green
  • Kelly Green
  • Pale Sage
  • Deco Yellow
  • Aquamarine
  • 70% Cool Grey
  • Carmine Red
  • Pink
  • Deco Pink
  • Pomegranate
  • Cream
  • 10% French Grey
  • 90% Cool Grey
  • Sepia
  • Spanish Orange
  • Canary Yellow
  • 30% Cool Grey
  • 10% Cool Grey
  • Dioxazine Purple Hue
  • Violet
  • Process Red
  • Deco Pink
  • Orange
  • Deco Yellow
  • Black

Today it’s all fun sailing, no real pressure or tricky techniques involved. As for the color choices, I chose a relatively cool green for the leaves to be in harmony with the cool shade of her skin. Also, the fish is a reflection of her hair. If you’re trying to repeat colors throughout your image, it’s good to also balance the locations. So if you’re doing a fish like this one, it’s on the bottom part of the page, try and pick up colors from the top of the page, in this case, the hair. You can absolutely disregard this, it’s not an order, just explaining my way of going about color choices.
And you can totally leave some parts of the lilies white as well, I didn’t because as you can see, I’m pretty clumsy and messy, it’s best if they’re covered fully so I don’t create such a mess when it’s time for the background 😀

End result of day two:


One last part to go! I hope at least 🙂 We’ll see how that goes. It will be up next week. Later this week I’ll have a book review for you, yay!

All parts of this tutorial:
Day one – skin, hair
Day two – leaves, water lilies, first fish
Day three – fish, water, bubbles, finishing touches

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