Book review – Magical Beauties by Cristina McAllister

Time to blow the dust off from the book review section! Lets look at Magical Beauties by Cristina McAllister today, a very interesting portrait book found on Amazon.

Details: Paperback, self-published, 2016
Pages: 21,6×28 cm, 60 pages, thin Amazon standard paper, single-sided
ISBN13: 9781539038535
ISBN10: 153903853X
Get it: Amazon

This is a grayscale portrait book containing 24 images and a tips and tricks portion plus a grayscale testing sheet. All the images are single-sided. The paper is the usual Amazon copy paper, not the best really but not impossible to work with, you just have to be careful and stick to a few layers, it doesn’t have much of a tooth. However since it’s a grayscale book, you don’t need all that many layers anyway.
The portraits are enchanting, I seriously love the imagery here. If you’re into portraits in any shape or form, do check this out. Grayscale takes a bit of getting used to but it’s not too intense in this book and you can totally rock it with ease, it makes life a lot simpler in terms of shading so great for beginners.
Pencils will work great in this, for markers, do put a sheet of paper between the pages to protect the next page, the paper is thin and it will bleed through most likely.

Overall it’s a wonderful book and if you’re in the market for a portrait book, I do recommend trying it out.

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