Color with me – Dryad from Ticket to Dreams, part one

Yay, finally a new color along! I know you’ve been waiting, sorry! Today we’ll color in the new Ticket to Dreams by Karolina Kubikowska, review and flip through HERE if you haven’t seen it yet. We’ll start with Derwent Inktense and maybe add some other stuff along the way, maybe not. We’ll see!

Stuff used on day one:
Derwent Inktense (set of 72), Kuretake water brushes in sizes S, M and L
Pencils listed in order of appearance. Feel free to use other pencils and/or replace some colorways entirely with something else you like

  • Dark Purple
  • Mauve
  • Thistle
  • Fuchsia
  • Kuretake water brush, size L
  • Cherry
  • Sicilian Yellow
  • Shiraz
  • Deep Indigo
  • Bark
  • Oak
  • Mustard
  • Kuretake water brush, size S
  • Light Olive
  • Spring Green
  • Red Oxide
  • Payne’s Grey
  • Kuretake water brush, size M
  • Baked Earth

Today we did the background and the tree bits. With Inktense, you can do layers but since coloring book paper isn’t normally really all THAT thick and meant for flooding, try to do just one layer in normal books and this book can take two since it’s a lot thicker. Third one would be risking it but you can try.
With Inktense, move from light to dark when wetting or you’ll lose your light colors.
Don’t worry about it being loose and messy, that’s what we want since this book looks like a sketchbook, it’s better if we keep the coloring loose as well, otherwise it’ll look a bit odd if you polish it too much.

End result of day one:

Next time we’ll start with the flowers and hair and see how far we get with it. This image will likely be three parts of maybe even two. We’ll see!

All parts of this tutorial series:
Day one – background, tree and leafy bits
Day two – skin, hair, flowers, finishing touches

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