Color with me – Jungle House from the Magical Jungle, part four, the end

House and bird time! Though most importantly, we will color Mister Snail today! Todays session also concludes the Jungle House project 🙂

Stuff used on day four:
Faber-Castell Polychromos (120 set), white Posca in size 3M
Pencils listed in order of appearance. Feel free to use other pencils and/or replace some colorways entirely with something else you like

  • Dark Sepia
  • Burnt Umber
  • Raw Umber
  • Terracotta
  • Ivory
  • Dark Indigo
  • Brown Ochre
  • Burnt Ochre
  • Dark Naples Ochre
  • Earth Green Yellowish
  • Red-Violet
  • Indian Red
  • Light Red-Violet
  • Colorless blender (can skip this)
  • Warm Grey VI
  • Warm Grey IV
  • Warm Grey I
  • Deep Cobalt Green
  • White Posca in size 3M

Today this Basford comes to an end. I am happy we are done with it but I do admit there are things I’d do differently if I’d have to do it again. But overall I had fun and hope you did too!

End result:

Next I’ll have a book review for you that I’m REALLY excited about and then we’ll also do a new color along next week. So stay tuned for more fun times ahead!

All parts of this tutorial:
Day one – background
Day two – grass, loads of leaves
Day three – more leaves!
Day four – house, bird, snail

2 thoughts on “Color with me – Jungle House from the Magical Jungle, part four, the end

    1. Thanks 🙂 I think I’d have approached the color of the house itself and curtains differently. How exactly, I don’t know. I envisioned yellow and then it turned out… well.. too yellow? 😀 It’s not a catastrophe or anything, just sort of not as contrasting as I wanted it to be.


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