Beware of a scammer and what to do

I was using a coloring supply buy/sell/trade group in Facebook for trading my Derwent Artists set for a backup set of Prismacolor Premiers because it’s pretty difficult to get them here and I’d need someone from the US to ship them to me anyway.

First of all, yes, I do realise trading comes with risks. And that is exactly what happened to me. I do not like to dish dirt but I think at this point you do deserve a name, who you should beware of – Melissa Thompson Luxton. She and I agreed to ship on the same day, registered. I provided her a receipt and a tracking number. She started telling me that registered was too expensive so she shipped regular and didn’t provide a receipt. I asked her several times whether she did, eventually she told me she never mailed it because USPS told her they don’t ship that far. And proceeded to block me on Facebook.

However, as luck would have it, I do know her name and address and she’s in USA. Which means I can report her to the FBI IC3 section and I have. I do not think scammers should just get away with it. I realise trading has this risk but if I were her, I’d also think hard on whether this box of pencils was really worth it. She tried deleting her offer in the group but I do have a screenshot as well and she can’t do anything about me having our conversation in Facebook.

So my point being:

  1. Do not do business with Melissa Thompson Luxton
  2. Do not just fold when being scammed, you can make life a bit more miserable for the scammer, look into your options. With internet fraud where at least one party is from the US, you can report it HERE
  3. If you do still want to trade or buy something, always Google the other person and also Google the image they give you about their item. I didn’t Google the image because I was on the phone and I suck at using my phone which leads us to…
  4. Don’t do business transactions on your phone 😀

In general I wouldn’t recommend trading (and didn’t recommend it beforehand either). I’m not at all shocked by this turn of events but certainly disappointed a bit more in people in general. So don’t trade and if you do happen upon this sort of a situation, don’t just give up and let them get away with it.

Update: there’s also a mention of her HERE, I did Google her before trading but apparently I missed this comment. It really surprises me how people don’t care for their name and have families that seem not to care either that one of their own is a scammer. I frankly can’t fathom that.

In other news, this week I’ll be filming as much as I possibly can so soon we’ll continue with coloring together 🙂 Youtube is luckily back on track, however I have some oddness going on with someone other then the correct owner of the music I use, claiming she owns 40 seconds of one song. Which is incredibly odd and annoying but seems I’m having one of those times at the moment where everything and the kitchen sink is happening to me.


18 thoughts on “Beware of a scammer and what to do

  1. I was scammed by Melissa Thompson Luxton also. She got me for a $35 Amazon gift card. I would like an address for her please. She also scammed two of my friends – got one of them for $50 and another for $30.


    1. I have her info, she has been scamming people for years with not just coloring supples, she scams people with makeup, planner supplies, service dogs and direct sales companies. I have a lot of proof.


  2. There have been numerous attempts and reports but there hasn’t been any arrests because her crimes are so small under a certain amount. There are plenty of posts on her on a Facebook.


    1. That clearly shows the laws are lacking. The damages should be cumulative, stack up, not be taken individually.
      That said, I do not know what kind of people do these things, how they have absolutely no shame or care for their good name. How do their families not know or if they do, how do they condone this? This blows my mind.


      1. It’s depends on what situation in the home is; for Melissa, she made accusations of her scamming on her biological dad who she accused of sexually molesting/abusing her and claims he is doing it by hacking into her accounts. There is no proof of that.


    1. Well, he is probably involved in her scamming too if he blocked you. That story of her dad hacking her husband, that is a new one on me. She also blamed her sister for scamming as well.


  3. I almost got scammed by her. Melissa Thompson Luxton. I told several coloring group admin about her. So every time I posted about her some groups turned my comments from others off. There were so many others saying she scammed them a year or so before and recently. Along with her family member Debbie Thompson. I still see her on some coloring groups. I warnthe admins. Some don’t care. Some get furious.


    1. Thank you for being proactive about this! I’m glad at least some admins are reacting to it. Hopefully we’ll at least get her out from the coloring circles, can’t help others much though.


  4. She attempted to scam me out of an outfit, I’m a lularoe consultant and often offer to help customers with issues such as damage items etc. she reached out to me about an outfit she purchased from another consultant. So she said…..she had no receipt, claimed the consultant would not swap sizes and she had no idea that it was the wrong size.

    The photos she sent was of an XS top and small skirt. She said she needed an XL…? Red flag right?
    She told me who the seller was which I found.
    The seller was not a consultant just someone selling their items, Melissa paid $35 for the two items and an outfit is $60 plusbtac and ship.


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