Gem Bug from Sommarnatt

And since I felt I need to try to do a bit better then last time from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon, I decided to continue and do another page. Done with Prismacolor Premier and Derwent Drawing pencils.

color 1

The background messed with my brain, tried one thing, didn’t work. Tried another, still didn’t work. And now this kind of works but it’s still not as I’d like it. But regardless, I think this sort of inverted background is kind of cool, where the inside of the frame is black and the rest colored in.

I’ve narrowed down our new color along book from “something” Basford to probably Magical Jungle. So get your books ready! The first part will be up within a few days.

4 thoughts on “Gem Bug from Sommarnatt

  1. Ooohhh! I LOVE that one! I wish it was in my D book!!! Boo Hoo! I’m thinking that’s the way I should have finished my last project … black in the middle … hmmm?? Movin’ on …. You are a colouring machine girl!!!


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