Bird from Sommarnatt

I’m so NOT happy with this bird from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon but since it’s a part of The Quest, I will show you regardless. Done with Prismacolor Premier and a bit of Derwent Drawing.


I think it’s because after the surgery I felt like… it should be described with profanities, which is not my cup of tea and thus I’m stumped as to how to describe it 😀 And coloring through it didn’t quite work. So it’s just bad. Everyone has bad pictures I think. Oh well, so what. On to the next one!

As for the name change, I’ve managed to change pretty much everything except the Facebook page and Youtube url. Facebook page name change is requested and under revision, Youtube url is stuck as is because they don’t allow changing. Channel name changed though so that’s good. Anyway new contacts can be found HERE, on my About me page. Who is already following me doesn’t need to follow anything again, I just changed the names and thus the urls changed as well for some places.

Since videos are back, we’ll start a new color along soon, this time something Basford as promised earlier. I’m still debating, which one though. But soon!

Pencil destash is also still going HERE, if interested.

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