Color with me – Castle on the Hill from The Magical City, part one

New day, new beginnings, why not do something totally fun and a bit crazy this time? We’ll skip all the theatrics of trying to be perfect and jump right into purple skies with Castle on the Hill from The Magical City by Lizzie Mary Cullen. I’m using Prismacolor Premier pencils here but you can totally follow along with any other brand, just pick something sort-of-kind-of similar and don’t stress. Never stress when coloring! When coloring, life is good, yes, your new mantra, you’re welcome 😀

Stuff used on day one:
Prismacolor Premier pencils (150 set), Prismacolor colorless blender
Pencils listed in order of appearance. Feel free to use other pencils and/or replace some colorways entirely with something else you like

  • Jasmine
  • Cadmium Orange Hue
  • Scarlet Lake
  • Tuscan Red
  • Deco Pink
  • Cream
  • Black Grape
  • Black Cherry
  • Dark Purple
  • Violet
  • Violet Blue
  • 70% Warm Grey
  • Mulberry
  • 20% Warm Grey
  • Colorless blender (use any brand you like or skip entirely if happy with how it looks without blending)

Lets start with saying you don’t need a blender. This paper has a tiny bit of a texture that you can’t feel but you can see when coloring, I like to blend in this book to get a marker-like appearance with no paper showing through but feel free to skip that step. If you do go with it, we’ll be using a LOT of blender pencil up on this page, just a heads up. I usually use Derwent blenders with pages that require a lot of blending since they’re cheap and readily available here but since I’ve been unable to go shopping, Prisma will do. So really, use any brand you like and have. If you do blend, don’t go across the black lines too much, they tend to smear a little.
If you’re intimidated by Lizzie’s images since they look so complicated at a glance, think of it as a puzzle. Just solve the puzzle bit by bit and don’t worry about it. If you get anything “wrong”, like some color where you didn’t want it, don’t worry, it will just blend into everything else. I technically messed up quite a bit of the sky but who cares. Since I’m too lazy for post-production to have a second of this pencil and a second of that, I just filled the gaps that I forgot with something else and see, it works.
This book is all about fun so really, have fun with it. Do whatever you want, hell, color the sky green if you wish. It doesn’t matter. That’s the whole point. We’re not going to shade and be crazy meticulous here, we’re going to have fun and learn a lot in the process, learn to trust yourself, feel the pencils and how to work with paper like this. It will not be in vain, you’ll feel a lot more confident with your next image.

End result of part one:

Next time we’ll start with the tree and castle, we’ll see how far we’ll go with the rest. I suspect this will be a tutorial in three parts.

All the parts of this tutorial:
Day one – sun, clouds, sky
Day two – tree, castle
Day three – grass, bridge
Day four – flowers, river

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