Color with me – Scarab from Dagdrömmar, part three, finale

Sorry to have kept you waiting, guys! Here’s the final part. Inbetween this and the previous video, I went over it again with black Posca, did a third layer. It improved it immensely but still patchy as you can see. Anyway I didn’t want to subject you to watching a third layer so skipped filming that. But today is the final bit, yay!

Stuff used on day one:
Posca, Faber-Castell Polychromos, Tombow Mono Zero eraser, Prismacolor blender
Pencils listed in order of appearance. As always, Prisma equivalents in brackets. Feel free to use both or neither or a third brand or replace some colorways entirely with something else you like

  • Dark Sepia (Prismacolor equivalent Sepia)
  • Nougat (Prismacolor closest is Light Umber)
  • Light Yellow Ochre (Prisma Sand or Jasmine)
  • Cream (Prisma Cream)
  • Payne’s Grey (Prisma 70% Cool Grey)
  • Prismacolor colorless blender (you can replace with any brand or skip entirely)
  • Warm Grey VI (Prisma 70% Warm Grey)
  • Warm Grey III (Prisma 30% Warm Grey)
  • Dark Indigo (no great Prisma equivalent, try either 70% Cool Grey or Indigo Blue if more adventurous)
  • Deep Cobalt Green (try Prisma Cobalt Turquoise or Peacock Green, depending on whether you want a more green or blue hue)
  • Indian Red (closest is Prisma Henna)
  • Terracotta (Goldenrod would be sort of close)
  • May Green (Prisma Limepeel would be great)
  • Red-Violet (PC Black Cherry)
  • Tombow Mono Zero eraser (totally feel free to skip or replace with another eraser, you can just cut a sharp piece from a regular eraser and use it to the same effect, you don’t have to have this exact eraser)
  • Olive Green Yellowish (PC Moss Green)
  • Brown Ochre (closest Prisma is Beige Sienna, or so it seems)
  • Ivory (no equivalent sadly for Prisma, either do just Cream or White or do a very light layer of Seashell Pink or Eggshell and cover with white)
  • Posca black 3M (feel free to skip and leave a white background)
  • Posca white 3M (can replace with Signo Uniball white gel pen)
  • Posca gold 3M (can skip or replace with white dots)

Tips and tricks:

  • You can go a more traditional route of purple-blue-green with the scarabs if you wish. I didn’t want to go that way because I had already established a gentle warm color scheme, the cool bang of color wouldn’t have looked harmonious enough for my taste
  • Initially when I started this, I had a vision of a black background and the smaller circle would have had the striking emerald green of the scarabs. But.. well that didn’t work with the mellow gold scheme. Point here being, don’t be afraid to rethink things as you go, work with what happens, don’t force stuff
  • For a smooth gradient, I’m sure this does not have to be told but I’ll say it anyway, if working from darker to light, press harder in the beginning and start to ease up the pressure evenly as you move out. Same applies backwards if working from light to dark. Don’t be afraid of layering, do a second and third and hell, a fourth layer if necessary to build up the intensity you desire
  • And again, the most important tip of them all – just have fun!

End result:

Yay, congratulations to us all who managed to finish this page! Next I have a book review coming and then we’ll do another color along, I’m thinking… maybe… The Magical City by Lizzie Mary Cullen… 🙂

All the parts of this tutorial:
Day one – black Posca background, start of the golden vines
Day two – finishing vines, leaves and flowers, adding a bit of white Posca
Day three – everything else, scarabs, gems, background

4 thoughts on “Color with me – Scarab from Dagdrömmar, part three, finale

  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love how you color and I can’t wait to start this.


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