Color with me – Clock from Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy, part three, finishing

And now, the final part of the clock from Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy. Lets get straight to it!

Stuff used on day one:
Derwent Inktense, Kuretake water brushes, Signo Uniball white gel pen

  • Sepia Ink 2010
  • Saddle Brown 1740
  • Baked Earth 1800
  • Sicilian Yellow 0220
  • Deep Indigo 1100
  • Navy Blue 0830
  • Crimson 0530
  • Shiraz 0600
  • Oak 1730
  • Willow 1900
  • Leaf Green 1600
  • Fern 1560
  • Charcoal Grey 2100

Tips and tricks:

  • See, again, I managed to screw things up with too much water. With this book, you do have to be careful, the paper REALLY wants to disintegrate when too wet. Check your brush often!
  • You can go over the shadows to make them a bit more unified and more realistic if you so choose
  • When doing this kind of detailed image, it’s good to keep the colors unified and not overdo the variety, if you go with too many different shades, it’ll get crazy
  • And what I always say, just have fun! Don’t worry if you make mistakes, see I made quite a few and so what, I learned something in the process and so will you 🙂

End result:

Hope you had fun! Next time, reader request, Dagdrömmar 🙂

All the parts of this tutorial:
Day one – metal parts of the clock, starting the glass
Day two – glass, brick
Day three – children, duck and buckets, finishing touches

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