Color with me – Clock from Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy, part two

So, lets continue coloring the clock! This part is a little longer, shot over two days and will cover the entire background still left to do.

Stuff used on day one:
Derwent Inktense, Kuretake water brushes

  • Sepia Ink 2010
  • Saddle Brown 1740
  • Baked Earth 1800
  • Sicilian Yellow 0220
  • Deep Indigo 1100
  • Iron Blue 0840
  • Navy Blue 0830
  • Crimson 0530
  • Cadmium Yellow 0210
  • Dark Purple 0750
  • Dusky Purple 0730
  • Oak 1730
  • Willow 1900
  • Leaf Green 1600
  • Charcoal Grey 2100

Tips and tricks:

  • Be careful with water, case in point, as you can see in the video, I managed to float one part of the glass on the clock (or well I imagine it to be glass, it can be whatever really) and the paper started disintegrating a bit, leaving a bit of a mess
  • Don’t make the stones look alike, they won’t look natural if they’re all identical. Be messy, be creative, be bold
  • I went with this sort of brownish-greenish stone because I want the glass to be the highlight but you can totally do a more traditional red brick if you want
  • Again, always go from light to dark BUT! If you’re trying to blend dark as a second layer, move out of the dark instead to blend into the background, so start with the darkest and move towards where there is no pigment to blend into the background seamlessly
  • If you want the shadows to look super realistic, don’t do what I did. I just want the figures to pop from the background without creating too much of a distraction with shadows. If you want something truly realistic, I suggest you search online for reference images though and keep in mind where your light source is. Also don’t use Charcoal Grey then, go with Payne’s Grey instead, it’s more blue-toned

End result for day two:

See you soon for part three! And also coming up, a crazy exciting look of a book that took a real effort to get! Stay tuned 🙂

All the parts of this tutorial:
Day one – metal parts of the clock, starting the glass
Day two – glass, brick
Day three – children, duck and buckets, finishing touches

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