Color with me – Clock from Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy, part one

Yay for a new project! The excitement of a fresh book and putting pencil to paper never loses its charm for me. So today, lets start with the brand spanking new Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy. We’ll be using Derwent Inktense for this but you can use any water soluble pencil for this, just find similar colors that work for you if you want to follow this color along.

Stuff used on day one:
Derwent Inktense, Kuretake water brushes

  • Sepia Ink 2010
  • Saddle Brown 1740
  • Baked Earth 1800
  • Sicilian Yellow 0220
  • Deep Indigo 1100
  • Iron Blue 0840
  • Navy Blue 0830
  • Crimson 0530
  • Cadmium Yellow 0210

Tips and tricks:

  • Most important – clean your brush often! Use a scrap piece of paper to clean your brush
  • Keep a piece of paper towel nearby in case you get your brush too wet, you can use it to wipe off the excess
  • Always move from light to dark when wetting, if you go from dark to light, you run the risk of muddying up the colors and losing your lights
  • Don’t do adjacent areas at once, the colors might bleed together, wait a bit until the area dries before moving on to an adjacent block
  • You don’t have to try too hard with the pencils and try to get a perfect result when dry, when wetting, the colors will move and blend anyway
  • If you’re not happy with how something turned out, you can usually add a bit of color to it. Don’t do it too much though, the paper is too thin to take too many layers, try to keep it to two in this book. When working with heavy watercolor paper, doing sketches or what have you, you can do loads of layers and create interest, the ink washes are really magnificent, play with your pencils sometime on thicker paper, you’ll see what I mean
  • Have fun! I know, I always say that but it truly is important. Don’t worry about anything, just go with the flow and have fun

End result of day one:
Or well, a part of it since my scanner didn’t fit it properly and I didn’t want to start matching bits of several images to make one, I will show you the entire thing when we are completely done though, no worries! Not losing much here though 🙂

So, go! Get your Inktense and have fun with me! We’ll continue this very soon so stay tuned!

All the parts of this tutorial:
Day one – metal parts of the clock, starting the glass
Day two – glass, brick
Day three – children, duck and buckets, finishing touches

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