Color with me – Rose from Inklings 2, day three, finishing

See, I can do videos more often sometimes 😀 Anyway, lets finish up Rose from Inklings 2 by Tanya Bond, shall we? Today we’ll tackle everything still left, eyes, dress and background. Todays session is a bit shorter, yay! The next color along will also start very soon so stay tuned. More on that in the end of the post. But now, back to the lovely Rose:

Stuff used on day three:
Prismacolor Premier pencils, blender pencil, Sakura 03 liner pen, white gel pen

  • Yellow Ochre PC 942
  • Cream PC 914
  • Sepia PC 948
  • Dahlia Purple PC 1009
  • Indigo Blue PC 901
  • Apple Green PC 912
  • Dark Green PC 908
  • 10% Cool Grey PC 1059
  • 50% Cool Grey PC 1063
  • Light Umber PC 941
  • Dark Umber PC 947

Tips and tricks:

  • If you want this kind of grungy background, messy is just fine as you can see. I don’t particularly like to do smooth backgrounds with pencils, if I want smooth, I go with pastel, with pencils I usually like to do a rougher background, as an effect sort of. If you want, you can totally do a smooth and nicely even background, you don’t have to follow my messy lead
  • With eyes, keep in mind the eyeballs are round, you’ll shade them as if they were a sphere. And they’re never just plain white. You can even go darker then I did with shading if you like
  • Also, add a bit of a shadow on the eyes under the upper lid since the lid casts a shadow, not a crazy dramatic shadow but still, a little
  • I rotated the book at times, you don’t have to if you find it comfortable to keep the book in the same position. Also, you can rotate when I didn’t, if you feel your natural stroke would benefit from it. When not filming, I rotate my books a LOT more. I don’t try to force my best stroke direction, I rather just turn the page to accommodate
  • You don’t have to go over the eyelashes with a pen. If you do, you don’t need to search high and low for the exact same pen. Any black liner of a reasonably fine width will do. Sakuras are just good quality for a ridiculous price (check them out on Ebay), though I generally tend to sway towards Faber-Castell PITT pens but someone in my household has misplaced my S size that I use the most so Sakura it is
  • Experiment with different eye highlights. Depending on how you do them, her expression will change a lot. If you can, you can make copies of the page before adding highlights and test out on the prints, what style you like best, placement and whether you want circles or stripes or what, there are a lot of options, you don’t have to do the same thing I did

And the very last final result:

Hope you had fun, I sure did! I absolutely love coloring girls, there’s nothing quite as satisfying to me.

Next color along won’t have girls though, next time we’ll take on Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy (review posted HERE yesterday) and lets see how it fares with Inktense. Other water solubles can totally play along, just try to find the appropriate colors.
It seems to me that Prismacolor Premier tends to be the most popular choice of a pencil for most of you, thus that’s what we’re using a lot in these color along videos. But you can totally request other pencils and if I have them, we’ll do it 🙂

All the parts of this tutorial:
Day one – skin, green bits
Day two – hair, petals
Day three – eyes, dress, background

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