Book review – Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy

Ahh, the preorder of the century just arrived, the Romantic Country: The Second Tale by Eriy, the English version! I preordered a copy of this book in early May and it was published on Dec 20. I think it’s probably the longest I’ve ever waited for a book. Anyway lets jump straight into it and see what it’s like!
By the way, the cover image in the video thumbnail is for the Japanese version, I couldn’t find one for the English version and my scanner is too small for the book to fit in 😀

Details: Paperback, St Martin’s Press, 2016 (for the English version)
Pages: 254 x 254 x 12.7mm, 96 pages, good thick paper, double-sided
ISBN10: 1250117283
ISBN13: 9781250117281
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Who hasn’t heard of the Romantic Country series? I don’t see a lot of hands 😛
Eriy is a Japanese artist (who I’ve also interviewed, read that HERE) who draws with ink and.. surprisingly enough, toothpicks. Her books are filled with charm and wonder, the images all positive and happy, like from a childhood dream. I love that quality about her books, they take me away to a better place, in this case, the fantasy land of Cocot.
The paper is fantastic, smooth and strong, can also take a bit of water for sure. Can you imagine these images with Inktense?
The images are on both sides of the paper.
The book is divided into chapters, all following a different area of Cocot, which I think is really fun. You truly do get a sense of the place with these books.
For those who want the third tale as well, that’s only available in Japanese at this point but it’s relatively easy to find online, CDJapan for instance.

As for the example picture, once we’ve finished the Rose project (hopefully tomorrow!), lets do a picture together from this amazing book! And then I’ll add it here as well.

Overall, it is a lovely book, totally worth the loooooong wait I went through for it. I will be happily leafing through it, trying to decide our next color along. Ooh, how about we try those Inktense out in this book?

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