Color with me – Rose from Inklings 2, day two

Happy New Year, guys! I know, I know, it’s been a long while since we started this color along. Lets just say the holidays were a bit of a handful with the stomach flu, visiting an hosting relatives/friends and of course the new years. But I’m back now and lets get back on track! First of all, I want to say, thank you all for a lovely 2016, for reading and following me and chatting with me and generally being awesome. I had a blast and hopefully we’ll have even more fun this year! That’s my new years resolution for you right there, to have a fun year with you guys 🙂

Now. Back to Rose, okay? Today we’ll do her hair and the rose petals, for which we’ll take a roundabout way of reaching the end result, I suggest you flip through the petal part in the video before actually starting with it to decide if you want to go through it or want to take an easier path.

Stuff used on day two:
Prismacolor Premier pencils, blender pencil

  • Crimson Red PC 924
  • Pink PC 929
  • Yellow Ochre PC 942
  • Cream PC 914
  • Sepia PC 948
  • Dahlia Purple PC 1009
  • Indigo Blue PC 901
  • Prismacolor Premier blending pencil

Tips and tricks:

  • Yeah, so remember that I said that if you want to do light hair, do the thorns AFTER? Well, I didn’t. But it worked out luckily. Be very careful around the thorns when blending though, you don’t want the green bleeding into your light hair
  • You seriously don’t need to go overboard with the petals quite to this extent but it’s a fun way of going about getting a vibrant and lively result. But if this is too much for you, skip the underpainting and go in straight with the red, do creamy highlights and blue shadows. Check out what I’m talking about in the video before you decide if you want to go through all that. But it does give the color some depth and richness if you do go a bit nuts like I did
  • Clean your blender pencil often. And no, it doesn’t really matter that you use Prisma blender. Use any blender you like/have

End result of day two:

Next time we’ll tackle the dress, eyes and probably finish off the background as well so this will most likely be a three-part tutorial.

All the parts of this tutorial:
Day one – skin, green bits
Day two – hair, petals
Day three – eyes, dress, background

2 thoughts on “Color with me – Rose from Inklings 2, day two

  1. You color so beautifully, I have learned so much from you and I want to thank you for your kindness to share on U tube. Will you be doing anymore coloring from the Inkling books. I love to color in this book but I’m still learning and need a little help sometime.


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