Book review – Po Drugiej Stronie Snu by Karolina Kubikowska

This was actually my very first book review and as such, it sucked. So I figured that since it’s such a gorgeous book, it deserves an overhaul to fit in with the rest of the reviews. So today, lets take another look at Po Drugiej Stronie Snu by Karolina Kubikowska.

Details: Paperback, Edipresse Polska, 2015
Pages: 222 x 223 x 12mm, 96 pages, good smooth paper, double-sided
ISBN10: 8379452046
ISBN13: 9788379452040
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Karolina Kubikowska is a Polish tattoo artist and an illustrator, Po Drugiej Stronie Snu is her first book, released last year. This is a truly unique book in the sense of artistic style, it’s not a clean lineart book we’re used to, also it’s not really a grayscale, it’s in a category all of its own, it’s like you get to color Karolina’s sketchbook. And what a sketchbook it is!
Po Drugiej Stronie Snu is filled with dreamlike images, one more fantastical then the next. There are butterflies and girls, plants and owls, something to fit any teacup.
The paper quality is great, the pages are thick and can take some beating, water as well. In my opinion, it’s like it’s made for water, the images greatly gain from splashing around. You can’t flood the pages too much, they will buckle but a little won’t do any harm.
I really like that the backgrounds have some tone and texture so you don’t necessarily have to do anything with them and can leave them as they are, a definite plus for me since I don’t really enjoy coloring in big spaces of nothing.
The binding is glue and a bit stiff, you can force it flat but I suspect it will start falling apart if you do it too much.

Example image done with Derwent Coloursoft:

Overall, I love this book, one of my all time favorites for sure! I keep flipping through it and dream of more hours in my day to be able to get back to this one, it’s amazing, it really is. The artwork is gorgeous and interesting, definitely something to recommend checking out. You can buy this book from the above Bookdepository link, Amazon or Karolina Kubikowska website HERE.

And all fans of this book, stay tuned, there will be something super cool coming tomorrow!

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