Christmas giveaway winner!

Sooooo are you excited? I know I am. Let’s recall what the prize was first, mkay?
Summer Nights by Hanna Karlzon, The Mysterious Library by Eunji Park, Mini-Inklings by Tanya Bond and candy 🙂 Reviews for each of these books can be found from the Book review tab above the banner.

Previously I’ve done giveaways on Rafflecopter but I wanted to run this one longer then the default week they give so I was considering all kinds of options as to how to draw the winner. Finally I ended up going totally oldschool:
Yay for bad phone pics. Anyway each entry got it’s own little slip, folded twice for no peeking. Man that was a lot of writing and folding I tell you. And shuffling.

You done with suspense yet? Thought so. So the winner… drumroll…
Diana Ostrat! Her comment:
Snow. I really like when everything is frosty, not too cold and quiet. Other than that I don’t really like Christmas, because my people go away to be with their families but I don’t really have one…

Congratulations! I will be writing to you very soon as to how you’ll get it.

In other news, Inklings 2 color along will start this week so get your books ready. I can’t promise a specific day, I’m sick as a dog and only want to cuddle the blanket so give me a few days 🙂

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