Book review – Astro-Inklings by Tanya Bond

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And now, lets look at the amazing Astro-Inklings book by Tanya Bond, the artist edition. This is her latest book.

Details: Paperback, self-published, 2016
Pages: 21.6 x 0.3 x 27.9 cm; 2×12 images for Amazon edition, 12 images for artist edition; thin 90 gsm paper for Amazon, great 170 gsm paper for artist edition; single-sided
ISBN10: 1540362515
ISBN13: 9781540362513
Get it: Amazon edition, Etsy for artist edition

As said, this is Tanya’s latest book. This book features the zodiac signs, represented by the ever lovely Inklings girls. Now I’m not really too much into astrology so by that measure this is not really something for me BUT the Inklings girls totally are. I specially love Leo, I can never resist a freckled girl, the Scorpio girl is also very striking, ah the whole book rocks.
There are two versions of the book, as is usual with Tanya’s books. The Amazon version is single-sided. It features all the zodiac signs but doubled so there are 24 pictures. And the paper is the usual thin copy-paperish paper. My flip through shows the artist edition which you can buy from the Etsy link above, the artist edition has a great 170 gsm paper with a bit of a texture so if you want a smooth finish, you’ll definitely need a blender of some sort. And the images are all printed once.
The Amazon edition is cheaper but honestly, for me, the paper wins the battle and I’d get the artist edition if I were you. Then you can also try Inktense and such on this, I bet it would look fantastic.
There is a great variety here, something for everyone, really. And I love the backgrounds, she hasn’t left us hanging there.

Example image, of course I chose Pisces because well, March girls are the best, totally, specially those born on the 18th 😀 No but seriously, I just liked this one the best, in addition to it being my sign:
Done with Faber-Castell Polychromos and a bit of white Signo Uniball gel pen. And man I suck at the whole signature thing, I keep forgetting it and then I’ve tucked away the book and scanned it and too lazy to go back 😀 Oh well. Don’t steal, mkay?

Overall, love this book! I love this even more then Inklings 2 that was my favorite so far. I so hope I have time to come back and do Leo or Scorpio as well. I do recommend this book if you’re into coloring girls, you’ll love it!

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