Book review – Wild Flowers to Colour by Sue Meredith/Jenny Cooper

While trying to make sense of my To Do folder, I came upon this book video, surprisingly I haven’t done this review yet, it turns out. We took a look at the Flowers to Colour a while back, HERE, so lets also take a look at this one, Wild Flowers to Colour. I am still unsure as to who is the author here, Sue Meredith or Jenny Cooper, they’re both listed so maybe both? Lets go with that for now, I couldn’t dig out any more information on that.

Details: Paperback, Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2014
Pages: 210 x 246 x 8mm, 32 pages, good smooth paper, single-sided
ISBN10: 1409564983
ISBN13: 9781409564980
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There’s a whole load of different subjects to color in this series published by Usborne Publishing Ltd, everything from flowers to birds and things inbetween. One has mushrooms, I’m so tempted by that but someone needs to give me more time to color for Christmas, yes, thank you, Santa!
The books are rather interesting in the sense that they’re not quite classical coloring books, they have a colored version with bits of trivia about the subject and then the coloring page where you can try to copy the colored version if you wish but don’t have to.
My favorite part is the trivia, I always tend to gravitate towards anything with bite-sized information, be it a milk carton or a coloring book. Yes, they have trivia on milk cartons here at times.
Anyway, the paper is very nice, it will take some water if you want, I’m sure these flowers would look fantastic, done with Derwent Inktense pencils, for sure. Or any other watersoluble pencil.
The images are on one side, the ones meant for coloring at least.
The only con for me was that I’d prefer it if the butterflies and such weren’t colored in already, I’d like the whole image to be blank.
I also like their covers, they’re an excellent representative of what to expect from the books.

Overall, it’s a lovely book if you’re into flowers. And if other nature topics are your cup of tea, do check out their entire range, they have some interesting books there.

In other news, yay, I got a scanner! Still trying to figure it out and it works and then doesn’t work on Mac so it’s a bit of a hassle. But yay! It’s a Christmas present for myself and I love it 🙂 Also, the Christmas giveaway is still happening, go enter HERE if you haven’t, though I think you all have by this point. And we’ll start with a new color along next week, still picking the image.

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