Color with me – Poppies from the Painterly Days: Flower Watercoloring book by Kristy Rice

Today we’ll do a sort of an exercise, in one part and everything so a quick one!
A reader wrote to me, telling me she has a box of Inktense but is deadly afraid of using them, how to get started? Well, lets try to do just that today. I chose the Painterly Days book because it’s filled with sketches and not really clear lines, you benefit from being a little messy on this one, it will allow you to slap color down freely.

Stuff used:
Derwent Inktense, Kuretake water brushes in sizes M and L (L for background, M for everything else), Signo Uniball white gel pen

  • Shiraz 0600
  • Poppy Red 0400
  • Cadmium Orange 0250
  • Ionian Green 1320
  • Beech Green 1510 (can skip this one if you want)
  • Felt Green 1530
  • Oak 1730
  • Deep Indigo 1100
  • Payne’s Gret 2110
  • Ink Black 2200
  • Mustard 1700


  • I used a set of 72, if you have a smaller set and don’t have a specific color, don’t worry, just use something else that you do have
  • You can easily do a second layer on the flowers, deepening the red and making it even better, stronger contrast will make the flowers pop. I omitted the second layer to keep the video a little shorter. If you do choose to deepen the red, don’t do the black and blue bits until you’re happy, otherwise you’ll just bleed the blue and black into the red
  • I used Kuretake water brushes but you can use any water brush or a regular brush, as long as it’s not too big or too small, experiment on a scrap piece of paper and find what is comfortable for you. Kuretake works for me. I also have Derwent water brushes but I haven’t tested them out yet so can’t comment but I will do a comparison for you someday soon
  • You can freely skip the gel pen, it’s completely okay if you don’t want to do the dots or don’t have a gel pen or white Posca, in here, they’re interchangeable
  • Always work from light to dark when wetting the areas, otherwise you’ll lose your lights
  • Keep a scrap piece of paper nearby and wipe your brush clean often. It’s also good to keep a piece of paper towel handy in case you accidentally flood the brush, you can dry it up a bit by blotting the brush on the paper towel
  • You can totally do a rainbow of colors on the petals if you want instead, these are Icelandic poppies, they come in a variety of shades (though hey, it’s a coloring book, do what you like, you can color the petals green and leaves red if you want)
  • You can also add colors to the background or make it more even. I wanted it to look varied, so I colored some places in dark, others I left blank and dragged the color into it for a very light wash. If you did a second layer on the flowers, you might also want to add a bit of variety to the background, maybe add some Baked Earth here and there as well
  • This paper is good with water but try to keep it to two layers, it won’t take endless amounts of water well
  • If you want, you can also treat this as an underpainting and use regular pencils on top to work with it further, detail the flowers and so on, this here can be only the beginning if you so choose
  • You’ll be fine, honest, just try! And have fun!

End result:

Hope you had fun playing along! If you do decide to follow it, do share your results with me, you can post on the Facebook page HERE or tag me in Instagram (@coloringaddict). Hope this color along will help alleviate some fears about Inktense, though we will revisit Inktense quite a bit in the future as well so fear, be gone, we’ll get rid of you!

In other news, today is the last day of November (well here it is, early morning but still), isn’t that great? To me it is, the only part about the winter I like is December, things like the Christmas lights in the dreary cold dark. The Christmas giveaway is still running until Saturday HERE so enter if you haven’t. I will also have more book reviews for you soon, as always, I don’t know how this queue never ends 😀 Gotta love the trend of coloring books! And yes, we’ll start a new color with me soon as well, I’ll try to make them more frequent, they’re a lot of work so it’s not quite as easy but I’ll try! Anyway, see you in December! 😀 So, tomorrow.

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