Book review – Mini-Inklings by Tanya Bond

Yay for Inklings! And Christmas. And giveaways. One of which you can enter HERE. Part of that giveaway, Mini-Inklings by Tanya Bond. Also, if you haven’t read the interview with her, you should, you can find it HERE.

Details: Paperback, self-published, 2016
Pages: 152 x 229 x 4mm, 30 images, thinner paper, single-sided
ISBN10: 1535109920
ISBN13: 9781535109925
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Mini-Inklings is the third coloring book by Tanya Bond, first two being Inklings and Inklings 2. Mini-Inklings is only available in the Amazon version, meaning the paper is basically copy paper. Which is a shame but I can live with crap paper if the images are good and that they really are here.
Mini-Inklings has 30 single-sided images, all of the lovely Inklings. The book is small, you can carry it around easily for some downtime here and there, like for waiting rooms and such. All of the images are of the Inklings girls. Great for practicing coloring skin if you’re scared of that. If you mess up, you have 29 more to try.
I love the Inklings girls as you might know from the past. I tend to love girls in general but there’s something about Tanya’s style that is really enchanting, the big eyes maybe? I don’t know but they’re charming.

I don’t have an example image for you since this is part of the Christmas giveaway and I only own the one copy. So lets look at the cover:
Well aren’t they just gorgeous? I must admit, I thought long about adding it into the giveaway, I wanted to keep it 😀

Overall, I think this is a great book, filled with the Inklings we’ve come to love, in a small and quick format, great for carrying around but also for small interim coloring projects when you don’t feel like you want to tackle something big and crazy.

In other news, we’ll also take a look at her new Astro-Inklings soon, plus there’s a neverending queue of other books as well (yay for this hobby being so trendy!) and we’ll do the Painterly Days color along soon as well.

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