Color with me – Star Queen from Magisk Gryning by Hanna Karlzon, day four, finishing

Yay for the final bit! This one is longer, it covers a whole lot, everything we didn’t do last time, background, hair, eyes and such. The hair took quite some time but you don’t have to do it like I did, I changed my mind in the process, I initally planned to do a more realistic look but then I thought it would look a bit off and too much so I changed tactics halfway through. So you don’t have to be as careful with your layers, or even do so many layers.

Stuff used on day four:
Faber-Castell Polychromos, Prismacolor replacements given below as well. Signo Uniball white gel pen. Blending pencil (I used Prismacolor one but you can use any brand, they all do the same job). Faber-Castell Perfection pencil eraser but you can use any other brand or cut a piece from any eraser, as long as it has a pointy bit, it will do the trick

  • Magenta 133 (PC Pomegranate)
  • Light Purple-Pink 128 (PC Hot Pink)
  • Ivory 103 (PC no replacement, use PC Cream lightly with PC White on top)
  • Cinnamon 189 (PC Nectar)
  • Alizarin Crimson 226 (PC Scarlet Lake or Crimson Red)
  • Red-Violet 194 (PC no exact match, Black Cherry would be a good replacement though)
  • Dark Sepia 175 (PC Sepia)
  • Cream 102 (PC Cream)
  • Cadmium Yellow 107 (PC Canary Yellow)
  • Dark Cadmium Yellow 108 (PC Sunburst Yellow or Spanish Orange)
  • Cold Grey I (PC 10% Cool Grey)
  • Cold Grey V (PC 50% Cool Grey)
  • Sky Blue 146 (PC Sky Blue Light)
  • Cobalt Blue 143 (PC True Blue)
  • Indianthrene Blue 247 (PC Denim Blue)
  • Dark Indigo 157 (PC Indigo Blue)

Tips and tricks:

  • If you’re going for dark hair like me, start with the background so you won’t accidentally drag dark particles from the hair into the background. If you want to do light hair, do those first. With colored pencil, it’s always good to start with light and work towards the dark to avoid accidents
  • Be careful with the printed linework, as you can also see from the video, blending tends to drag the ink around a bit, smearing the work. Some books have this issue, others don’t. This book does.
  • As said earlier, you don’t have to spend so much time on hair. You can totally do with a lot less time and effort
  • The eyes could use more work and depth, specially the whites of the eyes but I wanted to leave them lighter then I’m used to, to make them pop more from the background. If you want a more realistic look, shade them more
  • I am turning the work at times to make it easier for me since my stroke naturally tapers in the end, it’s easier to turn the paper rather than try to taper the start of the stroke for me. Try what feels most natural to you and don’t fear turning the page. When not filming, I turn the page a LOT but it would make you queasy to watch such insanity so I’m only flipping when I feel I really need to.
  • If you want more shine on the lips, feel free to use some gel pen in the end to draw in a highlight. I like the more matte and natural look on her so I kept it like this, erased in a highlight that looks soft and natural.

End result, finally finished. Due to the winter and me still not having a scanner (yet!), I couldn’t avoid some glare from the lighting, the wax reflects the daylight LED I use for lighting so photos are hard to take. There’s not enough natural light at the moment to use that, Estonian winter is long and dark (and depressing). Anyway if you follow along, the hair is definitely black, not this odd sort of reflection-y shade. But anyway, here’s our Star Queen, all done 🙂

Yay! And thanks for sticking around and hopefully playing along. If you do decide to follow it, do share your results with me, you can post on the Facebook page HERE or tag me in Instagram (@coloringaddict).

Next up, we’ll start the next color along very soon, with Derwent Inktense and in a different book, we’ll do flowers next but more on that tomorrow when I’ll show you the book we’ll be using next.

All parts:
Day one – skin
Day two – leaves, start of jewelry
Day three – jewelry, flowers
Day four – background, hair, eyes, lips, finishing touches

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