Book review – The Mysterious Library by Eunji Park

Today lets look at one of the prizes of this years Christmas giveaway (HERE), The Mysterious Library by Eunji Park. This is an English version of the original Korean coloring book. This book tells the tale of a journey through different tales in a library.

Details: Paperback, Seven Seas, 2016
Pages: 246 x 249 x 10mm, 80 pages, good smooth paper, double-sided
ISBN10: 1626924600
ISBN13: 9781626924604
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Eunji Park is a Korean illustrator, this book has been released in Korean before, now it’s freshly released in English, which makes it a lot easier to get hold of.
This is a really cool book, it takes you on a journey through fairytales and fables, from Alice to Rapunzel. I’m a complete bookworm, I love this one, it’s an amazing and fun book. The pictures cover all sorts of tales, one of my favorite images here is the princess and the pea. Can you imagine the fun coloring all the mattresses? To me that seems like fun anyway.
The paper is good, no complaints there, will take pencil beautifully and markers too, though watch out, the book is double-sided so with alcohol-based markers you will sacrifice the next page. But that’s to be expected anyway.
I am a fan of the double spread with a girl with flowers in her hair, that image alone would sell me the book. But then there’s the rest and well, so it is in the Christmas giveaway because I only wanted to give you cool books.
The only gripe I have with this is the glue binding, it is very stiff and since there are loads of double spreads in this book, it will make it very hard to color them. You can probably flatten it with sheer force but I’m not sure if the book would survive such attempts.
I won’t make a lot of words about this, just look at the video, it really is awesome.

I don’t have an example image this time because I only have this one copy that I’m giving away.

Overall, I love this book, it’s fun and interesting, offering countless hours of fun coloring for sure.

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