Christmas giveaway!

Yay, Christmas giveaway time! 🙂 Lets get straight down to the merry holiday business!

I have had an amazing time coloring and blogging and chatting with you guys and who better to give a Christmas present to then one of you? Unlike a normal Christmas present, I will actually show and tell:

This gift of yours contains:

  • Summer Nights by Hanna Karlzon, the English version
  • The Mysterious Library by Eunji Park (review coming soon)
  • Mini-Inklings by Tanya Bond (review coming soon)
  • Candeeeh!

General rules:

  • The giveaway is open until Dec 4, the second Advent
  • The giveaway is open worldwide
  • If you’re under 18, please get your parents permission to enter
  • All the entries will be checked and if you cheat, you’ll be disqualified
  • The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on Dec 5
  • If the winner doesn’t reply in a week to give me their address, a new winner will be drawn

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below, telling me about your most favorite thing about Christmas
  • For extra entries, subscribe to my Youtube channel, like my Facebook page, follow my Instagram and leave the usernames for each (that you did) below, along with your entry comment. So you can have four entries altogether, only mandatory one being the comment below this post

Have fun, good luck and merry Christmas!

53 thoughts on “Christmas giveaway!

  1. Snow. I really like when everything is frosty, not too cold and quiet. Other than that I don’t really like Christmas, because my people go away to be with their families but I don’t really have one…


  2. What I love about Christmas is to reunite with the family to exchange gifts and have a good time!
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I follow your youtube channel (name Céline Guissart).


  3. Saint Lucy’s Day celebration (

    The snow and Christmas lights making everything brighter (

    Being outside in the cold and then coming inside to the warmth. Preferably in front of a fireplace!

    Lussebullar (, gingerbread men, knäck ( and glögg (

    Julbord (

    Watching Donald Duck at 3 pm every single Christmas 😛 (

    The annual burning of the Gävle julbock ;P (

    The music. A Pentatonix Christmas will be running on repeat this Christmas for sure! (

    There’s so much to like, how could I pick just one thing?! 🙂

    I’m subscribed to your youtube channel too btw (Fredrik Ehnbom/qquarnster).

    Also, if you have any coloured pencils you don’t care for that would IMO also make a great Christmas present, even if there’s just a couple of cm left of them. But maybe that’s just me? 🙂

    What do you want for Christmas Iris? Perhaps some of us followers could send you some small token gifts too!


    1. Donald Duck 😀 For some odd reason our tv stations always show Die Hard movies on Christmas 😀
      Where do you live? I can check some shipping costs, if it’s not too crazy, I can send you some pencils.
      I want sleep for Christmas. I have a 16-month old who’s never been good at sleeping but she’s been sick now and it’s been extra bad. Sleep and candy is all I need 😀


      1. I’m in Stockholm, Sweden. If I get some pencils I promise to draw you something with them in return! Perhaps something sleep and candy themed 🙂


  4. I love Christmas food and Christmas lights.. But most of all, I love the fact that my whole family is together! 🙂

    YT: Petra Black
    FB: Petra Kos
    Instagram: @petrablack007


  5. I love that for at least one day in the year it feels like the world slows down and takes a breather. Allowing time for everyone to reflect, feel gratitude for whatever it is that makes them happy and relate with people around them. It feels like it allows people to treat themselves and for those who are less fortunate it’s the one time of the year people make more of a conscious effort to show compassion and help others. There is more advertisement of how to help the homeless and many other charities at this time of year than the rest.


  6. I love the quiet time with my family, decorating the tree, Christmas songs and candles.
    FB: Morena Vajak
    YT: Mory Emme
    IG: @morena_vajak


  7. I like the cosy, warm feeling christmas brings. The christmassongs, lights and trees everywhere you look. But most of all I love the days spend with family with lots of love hopefully with a little snow this year!

    FB: Ellen Scholten Franke
    Instagram: ellenscolorings


  8. I love the snow and all the decorations, I like getting people stuff and spending time with family. It’s a magical time of year 🙂


  9. I forgot to mention one so important thing that gives me that true christmas feeling; singing out loud (I really can’t sing at all) with every christmassong I hear and pretend I’m Mariah herself “all I want for christmas is youuuuuuuuuuuuuu”.


    1. Very true in most cases.

      We are not a huge family on my side, there’s only the 4 of us and no children. So it’s much more noticeable when one of us isn’t getting along with the other!

      There’s been too many in the past where I have just up and left. Doesn’t make for a very special day then


  10. As my family are the most important people in my Life the jiy of the Holidays is what I enjoy the most being with my children in this cold time to keep each other warm. As long as I have them everyday of my Life will be christmas. Praying for another place and my children a Christmas.


  11. I love Christmas because even though the family doesn’t always get along, everyone makes an effort to be peaceful on Christmas Day!

    *Subscribed on YouTube, username Sandy Wedmore
    *Liked on Facebook, username
    Sandy Wedmore
    *Followed on Instagram, username _Sandys_ej_


  12. I love Christmas Day because even though the family doesn’t always get along, everyone really makes an effort to be peaceful!

    Although I hate the Australian Heat! Uncomfortably hot!

    Subscribed to YouTube, username
    Sandy Wedmore
    Liked Facebook page, username Sandy Wedmore
    Following on Instagram, username _Sandys_ej_


  13. I love Christmas lights, stay with my family and… my birthday!!! Those days are so special! This year I want to rest and practice my hobbies 🙂

    Thank you for the chance!

    Facebook: Sara Brog
    Instagram: @nefru_colour


  14. Best thing about Christmas for me is family & spending time with them. Especially my girls, seeing Christmas though their eyes has brought the magic of Christmas alive like it never has been before
    YT: Selina Gascoigne or selinag80
    FB: Selina Gascoigne
    IG: coloured_by_me


  15. I have two favorite things about Christmas. First we have this amazing tradition with oranges and cloves in Denmark. We poke the dried cloves into the fresh orange and it Anelka AMAZING!! Second I Absolutely love homemade Christmas candy with marzipan, nougat, almonds and chocolate.
    I’m following you everywhere! I’m @alwayscoloring on Instagram, Katrine Mie Jensen on Facebook and Katrine Jensen on youtube 🙂 🙂 look for the girl with glasses!


  16. My favorite thing about Christmas is that it happens in the darkst period of the year, in the middle of our two months of Polar nights here in the north ( Northern Norway). Even though it is so little daylight dueto the sun never rising from the horizon, there is so much light in form of artificial lights on trees outside, and inside people light lots of candles and maybe the fireplace if they have one (also for warmth since it does get quite cold😀). Sitting inside while Christmas music is playing, having a Christmas workshop and drinking Christmas tea and eating gingerbread cookies…. It is a magical time, both outside and inside, and my favourite time of year!

    I already follow you on all of the above mentioned channels, my usernames are maludgivz, mariaaludv(gmail account), and Maria A. Ludvigsen 🙂


    1. In Estonia, the winters are also dark but not THAT dark, we get daylight from like 10 am to 3 pm. When I was a kid, I got to go see the Santa in Finland, during the polar night. It’s something I will never forget. The Santa I have forgotten 😀 But the polar night was something truly claustrophobic and odd. We spent three days there, the longest night ever. Aurora borealis was awesome though but I think I don’t have it in me to live somewhere where it’s just dark nonstop for half a year.


  17. I love Christmas with all of its glitter and sparkle. We live a long way from our families so it’s just my hubby and me snuggling in front of a cosy fire. I love the rubbish tv, food and e xcuse to stay in my pyjamas all day if I want to! I hope you have a wonderful one!


  18. My favorite thing about christmas is seeing the joy in the children eyes. This magic atmosphere makes it be the most beautiful season of the year.
    I folow you on instagram : cora_colors , youtube : corabachatera and facebook : coralie grzelak
    Thanks for this giveaway 😚😚😚


  19. I love the smell of Christmas trees! Also, I really like wrapping presents! But, my most favorite is unpacking Christmas ornaments as I decorate the tree, and remembering the person who gave it to me or how things were the years when I purchased each one. I treasure my beautiful collection of ornaments!


  20. My favourite thing about Christmas is the overall “feel” of it, as well as the smells. I like the days leading up to Christmas, when I can sit curled up with a good book and some hot tea, watching the snow fall down. Also the build up of excitement as the gifts starts piling up under the tree. As for the smells….cookies baking in the oven, my pine candle weaving the illusion that we have an actual pine tree sitting in the living room (haha).

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and good luck to everyone who entered! :)<3


  21. Hello Iris! What a “nice” thing to do for your rapidly growing list of followers.

    Christmas: I enjoy all the entertaining and “get-togethers” with our friends and families.

    It’s fun to dig out the boxes of decorations we’ve saved for so many years. I love to see the sparkle in our home when everything is done.

    I have one tiny box I treasure. My mother’s collection of 6 tiny china angels. Every time I take one of those delicate angels into my hand and hang it on our tree the tears flow as I think about my darling Mom and what a precious woman she was – and how very much I miss her.


  22. Who doesn’t love Christmas time ? Christmas ornaments, the lights in the streets, wrapping the Christmas presents and spending time with family. ♥
    FB Emma Peel


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