Color with me – Star Queen from Magisk Gryning by Hanna Karlzon, day three

The third part is a tad longer, shot over two days. The second day was dreary and dark, seems my lighting is finally decent enough to battle The Winter. Yes, it deserves capital letters. Anyway I think I also managed to find a tad better angle, hopefully my hand is not in the way so much with this. But let me know if it’s still crap.
Today we’re finishing metal bits, doing the flowers and also the gems and stuff on the jewelry. Quite a lot gets done.

Stuff used on day three:
Faber-Castell Polychromos, Prismacolor replacements given below as well

  • Cold Grey I 230 (PC 10% Cool Grey)
  • Cold Grey II 231 (PC 20% Cool Grey)
  • Cold Grey IV 233 (PC 50% Cool Grey)
  • Cold Grey VI 235 (PC 70% Cool Grey)
  • Ivory 103 (PC no replacement, use PC Cream lightly with PC White on top)
  • Cream 102 (PC Cream)
  • Cadmium Yellow 107 (PC Canary Yellow)
  • Sky Blue 146 (PC Sky Blue Light)
  • Cobalt Blue 143 (PC True Blue)
  • Indianthrene Blue 247 (PC Denim Blue)
  • Dark Indigo 157 (PC Indigo Blue)
  • Light Purple Pink 128 (PC Hot Pink)
  • Magenta 133 (PC Pomegranate)

Tips and tricks:

  • Don’t worry if you don’t have the specific pencils, look at what you do have and see how they work together
  • Also no worries, the gems will gem-ify once we add the highlights in the end. But when coloring them, keep in mind that with translucent gems, the light travels through the gem, making the top dark and bottom light. With solid stones, it’s reversed, the shade is on the bottom and light on top. So think about the effect you’re going for
  • You don’t have to add the pink to the flowers if you don’t want to, I find it adds a little contrast and interest but if you like them more pure blue, keep them blue! That goes for anything in the color alongs, do what YOU want. And I always appreciate it if you show me your result when done 🙂
  • I seriously lack tips today. I think of things when I shoot the video and forget them later. But my spoken English is so bad you really don’t want to hear me speak while I color.

End result of day three:

I’m getting depressed with all this blue. Colors have a strong effect on my emotions and I usually tend to stay in the warmer regions because of that. But anyway, it will hopefully be wintery, cold and a bit creepy in the end. Creepy to me at least.
Next time we’ll tackle the rest, trying to finish in four parts again as has become the norm. That will most likely happen on Monday or thereabouts. Until then, I have a book review coming up and the Christmas giveaway I promised you guys.

All parts:
Day one – skin
Day two – leaves, start of jewelry
Day three – jewelry, flowers
Day four – background, hair, eyes, lips, finishing touches

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