Book review – Vivi Söker en Vän by Maria Trolle

And last from my latest Pen Store haul, Vivi Söker en Vän by Maria Trolle. Capitalization completely random since I just don’t know how to do it but this looked okay 😀 So Swedes, sorry if I’m completely off here.

Details: Paperback, Pagina Förlag, 2016
Pages: 215 x 254 mm, 96 pages, thick smooth slightly textured paper, single-sided, perforated pages
ISBN13: 9789163612695
Get it: Pen Store

This is a coloring book version of the childrens book of the same title, plus there are additional 28 pages. All the pages are single sided, there are 48 drawings in total to color in. The pages are perforated, making it easy to remove them but they don’t fall out at random if you wish to keep the book intact.
The paper is thicker then we’re used to with Pagina books and it has an ever so slight texture to it, which was a bit annoying to me but might not bother you. I don’t generally want to use blender pencils to push the pigment in but this I feel needed a blender to end up with a smooth result with no paper showing.
The thick paper will work great with water though, Inktense would be gorgeous on this, I’m sure.
Quoting from Maria Trolle’s Facebook page, this is what the book is about: “When Vivi woke at dawn the walls were darker than usual and the house felt cramped. I want a friend, someone who is just mine, she thought. Vivi lives in a tree house in the woods. One day she goes on an adventure to find herself a friend.
Vivi takes a ride with a bird and fly up into the sky where she meets the Cloudbear. She goes deep into the ocean where she meets ta mermaid. In the oak, she becomes friends with the tree spirit. Vivi looks into hollows in the ground where the voles live. But who can be her very own friend who is hers always…
The Miniwolf are also looking for a friend. He is curious about Vivi and wonders if she’ll ever see him …
Vivi meets a friend is about finding your place in the world and to find yourself and meet the right person. A best friend.”
I think that is one hell of a cute story and the illustrations are really beautiful. My toddler fancies this book so much that I have to hide it from sight to avoid um.. her using it up 😀
I am really loving this book though I will be using wet mediums on it because I think it would work better with those. I can’t wait to try another one with Inktense or Albrecht Dürers.

Example image:
Done with Caran D’Ache Luminance and Signo Uniball white gel pen

Overall, love love! Seriously, if this is how they do it in Sweden, I’m moving there. Excuse me while I go pack.

In other news, tomorrow we shall talk about the promised Christmas giveaway. Be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel if you haven’t yet and also like the Coloring Addict Facebook page, those will definitely help increase your chances of winning.

5 thoughts on “Book review – Vivi Söker en Vän by Maria Trolle

  1. What a gorgeous book! I wanted to order it but the shipping rates are so high for North America… I hope it will be available soon on Amazon US or Canada. Maria Trolle is such a talented artist and illustrator! I love her other books as well. Thanks a lot for the great review!


  2. Hello again,

    I realized that I could order it via The deutsch edition is called: Droomreis. I can’t wait to receive it! I hope the quality of the paper is the same though.


  3. Thank you Iris. The book is not available now on printworksmarket. But I ordered my other books there. I believe the Dutch version is in the same format as Hanna Karlzon’s books. I’m so excited to finally be able to order it!


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