Swans, Sommarnatt

Lesson learned from this one, blue pastel is not a great background choice. It stains like there’s no tomorrow and is near impossible to clean the drawing. Meh I say, meh.
Anyway, the swans from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon:
Prismacolor Premier, white Signo Uniball gel pen, Sennelier pastels for background.

I now notice some other mistakes as well but oh well, it’s sealed already and too late to fix.

Until I figure out lighting for my videos, I can’t continue with coloring videos, it’s noon here and I have lights on because it’s too dark. I officially hate Estonian winter. It starts in October and ends in May, dark and dreary and awfully cold. Meh in one word. But I’ll try to figure out the lighting issue soon, until May, there’s no other choice.


2 thoughts on “Swans, Sommarnatt

  1. Iris, I love what you have done with your swans! The colours you’ve chosen are beautiful … and from my little corner of the universe I see nothing “meh” about that picture 🙂 Sorry to hear you are having challenges with your lighting etc. I can imagine how frustrating that must be.


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