Color with me – Floral from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon, day four

Yay, we come to an end with this girl! Today covering everything left over, jewelry and the background. The background I wanted to have a rough appearance and that is the easiest possible background ever, you really don’t need to polish it as you will see in the video. If you want a really smooth look, be way more gentle and you’ll get that as well.
We had our first heavy snow yesterday and the light was totally abnormal and blue so the photo and the video look quite different in terms of color 😀 The photo is closer to reality, the colors are warmer then in the video.

Stuff used on day four:
Prismacolor Premier Pencils, Signo Uniball white gel pen

  • Cream PC 914
  • Yellow Ochre PC 942
  • Sepia PC 948
  • 70% Cool Grey PC 1065
  • Putty Beige PC 1083
  • Lime Green PC 1005
  • Moss Green PC 1097
  • Dark Umber PC 947
  • Dark Brown PC 946
  • Chocolate PC 1082
  • Sienna Brown PC 945

Tips and tricks:

  • For a slightly textured background, this sloppy tactics really is it. But it will work only if you try to criss-cross the strokes a bit, don’t do the layers all in one direction, that won’t work well
  • For gemstones, since the light hits them above and exits below, the top is darkest and bottom lightest and the highlight is on top. I know it’s confusing but trust me, it will look the most realistic that way
  • However with pearls, everything is a lot simpler, they’re darker below and lighter on top since they’re round and not translucent. If you want translucent pearls, you’ll do them like you would gemstones
  • You can totally do a less yellow metal, I just find I like the combination of Sepia, Yellow Ochre and Cream for gold but in reality, gold is not really all that yellow so you can use more browns instead with just a hint of yellowish somewhere
  • You can freely use white Posca instead of the gel pen if you wish, for dots, there is no real difference. The gel pen is gel and Posca is acrylic. Over big surfaces it matters but with dots, not really
  • I really do suggest you spray your work with fixative when done, specially if you use Prismas, not only to protect your work from smudging but to prevent wax bloom as well

End result:

Thank you so much for watching! Next time we’ll try out Faber-Castell Polychromos instead of Prismas to color something pretty 🙂

All parts:
Day one – flowers and leaves
Day two – skin and eyes
Day three – hair
Day four – background, finishing touches

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