Color with me – Floral from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon, day three

Finally, part three is up. I’m sorry to have kept you guys waiting, I had some technical issues plus I don’t have much time to color these days which makes me sad. This video was shot over four days and I lost the footage for the first day so there’s a bit missing, I’ll cover what I did during that below in the tips section.
Today, the massive task of hair. I started off thinking oh I’m so doing brown, I so often sway towards reds that no no, I’m going to keep myself in line and go with brown. Well yes. So much for that plan 😀

Stuff used on day two:
Prismacolor Premier Pencils, Faber-Castell Perfection pencil eraser

  • Dark Umber PC 947 (used during the missing footage)
  • Terra Cotta PC 944
  • Mineral Orange PC 1033
  • Yellow Ochre PC 942
  • Chocolate PC 1082
  • Black Cherry PC 1078

Tips and tricks:

  • The first bit that is missing covers work with Dark Umber, I used it to mark the darkest areas. If you watch where I place the Terra Cotta, you’ll see where the Dark Umber was used and can backtrack what I did there. You don’t have to be super careful but it’d be good to try to get a smooth look, there will be tons of layers on top of this but strong lazy strokes will still show from underneath it all
  • Make a color chart for your pencils and look, there are replacements for pretty much everything, not 100% the same but will work. Like you can replace the Dark Umber with any dark brown, for instance Sepia or Espresso
  • Feel free to add purple to the mix, it will create a load of interest, I just used a tiny bit to enhance contrast with the darkest bits but you can totally do more
  • When doing hair, you can go with this type of look where you color the shapes or you can try to do a more realistic look. I prefer coloring the shapes because I find the hair looks odd with the black linework, it doesn’t look natural in the end but it is a matter of taste and also medium, I’ve seen stunning realistic results with markers. Also some images are better suited then others I find, with less noticeable lines
  • If you decide to go with coloring the shapes, think of the hair strands as ribbons. The highlights are where the light hits and the darkest where the “ribbon” turns away from the light
  • Keep your pencils as sharp as you can. Mine are pretty dull because well, as you could also see in the video, they’re Prismas, they break. A LOT. It is unnecessarily hard to try to use blunt pencils for this so if you can, sharpen!

End result of day three:

Next we’ll do some shadows on the hair from the flowers and start work on the jewelry. Maybe we can even squeeze in the background to the next session as well and finish it off with four parts 🙂 We’ll see how long it gets.

All parts:
Day one – flowers and leaves
Day two – skin and eyes
Day three – hair
Day four – background, finishing touches

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