Book review – Art Nouveau: Artists’ Colouring Book by Pepin Van Roojen

Time for another Pepin Van Roojen book! This time, Art Nouveau: Artists’ Colouring Book.

Details: Paperback, Pepin Press, 2014
Pages: 248 x 342 x 8mm, 16 pages, 180gsm textured high quality paper, single-sided, glue bound
ISBN10: 9460098002
ISBN13: 9789460098000
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This time as a slideshow since that’s the only way I could get the images to appear on camera, still not great but at least you can see the book 🙂

This is another interesting book by Pepin Van Roojen. Pepin Press has a load of these on different subjects from kimonos to patterns. This book is focused on art nouveau imagery.
The paper is 180gsm high quality textured paper, best suited for wet media in my opinion.
There are 16 images, all printed in grey so when you color them in, the outlines fade into your own work, I love that feature, I’d love it if more books would be printed like that.
The book has glue binding, you can easily remove the pages before coloring and I do suggest you do that, it makes it a whole lot easier, specially with liquid mediums.
For watercolors, I suggest you stretch the paper first. I’ve touched on that several times before but basically what you do is you use painters tape to tape the selected page to a board or table and then wet it evenly with a sponge and let it dry completely. The paper will stretch when wet but because it’s taped down and sponged evenly, it will not buckle but will relax so once you wet it again with paint, it won’t buckle nearly as much as it would have before.
But back to the book. This book has a little bit of everything, including some patterns and some interesting detailed stained glass type of images.
The absolute only con I personally find with these books is that they are so big they don’t fit in my bookshelf. If that’s the only con you have, it really is a good book. But be prepared, thanks to the texture in the paper, it will not be the easiest paper to work with for pencils if you want a smooth end result.

I chose my example image because of the flowers. As I’m sure nearly every girl named Iris knows, it gets old being given irises and people saying “oh you are Iris! Do you know that’s a flower too?” so I usually tend to steer clear from irises, even though they are gorgeous flowers but I just loved this picture too much not to try it. I feel I messed it up with the background, it looked better before adding it but well, live and learn! I loved coloring it regardless.
The image was colored with Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer pencils.

Overall, I really like this book and I hope I’ll have time to try one of the stained glass panels as well one day soon. It was great to work with watercolor pencils on this, it was a dream of a paper for it. If you want to see how pencils work on this type of paper, look at the 1950s book review, it has an example with pencils.

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher. All of the above opinions are my own.

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