Book review – New Guide to Coloring by the editors of DO Magazine

Today I have something really cool and exciting for you, the New Guide to Coloring by the editors of DO Magazine. I own quite a few art manuals but this is a first I’ve seen that is aimed at colorists. Technically the release date for this is Nov 8 but seems Bookdepository already has it in stock so yay, you can get it right away 🙂

Details: Paperback, Design Originals, 2016
Pages: 216 x 276mm, 96 pages, perforated double-sided coloring pages in the end
ISBN10: 1497200873
ISBN13: 9781497200876
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_dsc3950Since this is not a coloring book per se, although there are some coloring pages in the end, I will not do a flipthrough for you but will show you how it looks and tell you about it in general.
The book is very colorful and inviting and it starts on the cover. The corner of mine is banged up, don’t mind that, stuff happens in shipping. It’s a paperback book with loads of illustrations. As the cover says, it’s for all skill levels.
Here you can see what topics the book covers. It is an ambitious book, trying to cover a lot and it does succeed in it. It begins by giving you an overview of different coloring tools with comparison charts and descriptions of everything. This section and the first lesson, All About Color combined are alone enough of a reason to buy this. The color lesson is great, it covers the color wheel and tells you about color schemes. Those in trouble with trying to find color schemes for your pictures, this is for you. To show you what I mean, this is the very beginning of that lesson:
In every lesson there are exercises you can do, which I think is great, you don’t have to just read, you can play along. There are also examples of everything to show you what they mean by this or that and loads of little tips and tricks.
The whole book feels more like a really cool magazine then a guidebook and I actually love that about it. It’s fun and colorful and friendly, doesn’t intimidate even the most novice of all novices. I’m sure it will give a beginner loads of confidence to start coloring.
Since it does cover a LOT over a short span of pages, it can’t be helped that it doesn’t cover everything under the sun. It does touch on light and shadow for a very brief moment but it definitely could be a whole topic on its own. I’d also like to add to the point blending part that while they say you can use a blending pencil or a tortillion and then go back with colored pencils and repeat until you get the desired result, you do have to keep in mind that blending pencils and tortillions work by physically moving the pencil marks around and pushing them into the tooth of the paper and that will flatten the tooth (plus blending pencil is an unpigmented wax essentially and will add a layer of wax into the tooth as well) so usually it doesn’t really leave a workable surface after blending.
Other than that, I think the book is very helpful and I too learned a few new things from it, mainly about markers, I’ve never used them and don’t know much about them. There are also some cool ideas about using your finished pieces that I enjoyed.
The magazine itself looks cool as well, judging by their webpage, it’s a coloring magazine, what more can you want? Definitely something to check out for sure. I live way too far to subscribe to it and try it out sadly though.

Anyway, back to the book, towards the end, there is a section of coloring pages to try out your new ideas and skills. These pages are perforated so you can take them out. My absolute favorite page from those is this one:

Overall: I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first since these guidebooks generally tend to fall a bit short but this one surprised me in a positive way for sure and I definitely recommend getting it, specially if you’re a beginner. I am very impressed by the amount of information they managed to squeeze in while keeping it short and sweet and readable. It’s by no means a dry textbook and it will definitely push you in the right direction. Thumbs up!

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher. All of the above opinions are my own.

In other news, the color along will continue very soon, tomorrow most likely so stay tuned. Also, remember to go and like the brand new Coloring Addict Facebook page, there’s a giveaway for all who do going on there as well! You can win the Coloring Book by Jasmine Becket-Griffith in this giveaway. Plus a heads up that there will be a subscriber giveaway on my Youtube channel when I hit 300 subscribers there so loads to look out for!

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