Book review – Tangle Magic by Jessica Palmer

The cover of the Tangle Magic by Jessica Palmer immediately caught my attention when I first saw it online. Lets look at the inside as well, shall we?

Details: Paperback, Search Press Ltd, 2016
Pages: 222 x 222 x 12mm, 80 pages, good thick paper, double-sided
ISBN10: 1782214631
ISBN13: 9781782214632
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Jessica Palmer is an illustrator, paper cutter and a paper sculpter. She has done two other coloring books before as well, Tangle Wood and Tangle Bay. Check out her webpage as well to see more of her work.
Tangle Magic is her newest book and it is all about magic, strange creatures and objects. The imagery is very whimsical and creative. There are references to different fairytales found here and there as well, like the shoe page or the princess and the pea reference. You can find a dragon and a phoenix and countless other fun magical items and creatures within this book, all the content being cohesive and well put together in my opinion.
Some of the pages are very intricate to the point that you’ll probably want to use pens instead of pencils. Most are fine for pencils though. Some pages have a printed black background, most are white.
In the beginning there is also a page on how to color gemstones which is very cool, I like these how-to pages in books, it’s always a bonus.
The paper is very nice, it has a tiny bit of a texture to it which makes layering a dream, it’s not an annoying texture but of the good sort.
The binding is a bit tough at first but it eases up quite well and seems pretty stable, I don’t think it will fall apart quickly.
One of my favorite pages is the crystal ball which you can color as is or draw something in it as well and I love that the book doesn’t tell you what to do with it. I’m really not a fan of those “doodle here” type of comments in books.

I chose mushrooms for my test page and went with a really simple light french grey background but the mushrooms have a multitude of layers at places and the paper held up like a champ. I just love coloring mushrooms, there’s something really fun about them.

Example image:
Done with Prismacolor Premier pencils and a little white Posca.

Overall, it’s a great book with awesome paper, definitely recommend if you like these whimsical images.

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher. All of the above opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Book review – Tangle Magic by Jessica Palmer

  1. Thank you Iris! I have just spent over an hour viewing this artist’s website – that led me to more … and more amazing colorists. This “hobby” is absolutely hypnotic! I always come away from these viewings just a little bit smarter … and little bit more confident.


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