Frog prince, Sommarnatt

Once upon a time in a country far far away, there lived a golden blessed frog prince. He was smart and just and loved by all his subjects, near and far. When he came of age, the king sent out messengers to kingdoms near and far, searching for the perfect princess for his beloved son. Princesses arrived day after day, beautiful and wise, small and big, in all the colors of the rainbow. The king saw them all and pondered for a long time. Finally, his choice was narrowed down to two princesses, one the smartest and the other the prettiest. The king decided to let his son choose. Little did he know, the prince had already talked to both girls in secret and fallen in love with the smartest, a tiny little dusky purple princess with eyes like stars. Sure, she didn’t have much of a dowry and her kingdom was small and poor but she was wise and love made her the most beautiful to the princes eyes.

Everyone gathered in the grand hall to hear the declaration of the engagement and learn who their future queen will be. The frog prince greeted his subjects and the two princesses curtly and declared his truest and deepest feelings towards the smartest princess from a kingdom far far away. To everyones amazement, the prettiest princess, her skin the color of morning dew, rose and with great anger cursed the prince to a life of worry, confusion, cruelty and fear, a life without stars in the water, glass mushroom forests and his love from far far away. The prince was struck by her words and his lifeless body fell to the ground. He woke again in a foreign place, cold and dark, his heart filled with fear and pain. The prince walked the night in the forest in a strange body, no longer golden, no longer happy for the princess had cursed her to a life of a human.

Years passed and the prince could not find solace and comfort, he longed for home and his love, the human world was strange to him and he could not learn to love all that was cruel and unkind in this world, all that was so foreign to him. One day, he met a young woman, smart and quite plain but beautiful to his eyes for she was kind and good with stars in her eyes. The prince found peace and happiness again. He slept at ease now, with his love at his side and their children close by, happily ever after. But still, every now and again, he dreamt of stars in the water, glass mushroom forests and his mother and father, friends and home.

So that’s my story about this frog from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon 🙂
Colored with Marco Raffine pencils and a little Posca. It was a test page for the Raffines, I’ll tell you all about what I thought quite soon so stay tuned for that review. I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out, I think I’m not liking the color choices much. But well, it did inspire a fairy tale!

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