Book review – Brillante Myth by Kim Miso, Wishingstar

So, this has got to win the medal for the most confusing title of all times – Brillante Myth Time of Fantasy, Rest of Goddess, Rainbow Story Coloring Book. Told you so. It’s by Kim Miso, Wishingstar and for simplicity, lets call it Brillante Myth.

Details: Hardback, BookEdda, 2015
Pages: 190*240*6mm, 32 pages, amazing smooth thick paper, single-sided
ISBN13: 9791195489404
Buy it: Ebay

So this is an interesting Korean coloring book. First of all, the title is confusing as we already established 😀 But it’s quite different to anything I own, I must say. The difference starts at the covers already, I love the hardcover binding and the gold foil on the cover, it makes it look very cool indeed. The content is mythology-themed, the images are on a single side and the opposite page has information about the goddess depicted. This part has also been translated into English which is very nice.
The style of the illustrations is quite interesting, it’s a mix between sort of manga-ish and art deco, definitely something I haven’t seen before.
The paper is brilliant, it’s absolutely gorgeous, I wish more books would be like this, it’s thick and creamy and beautiful. Thumbs up!
The downside is that you’ll have to scour Ebay for this, Amazon has some but they’re insanely overpriced so stick with Ebay. I’m enchanted by this. I haven’t had a revelation as to how to color something from it yet, I’ve been waiting for a few weeks but keep getting distracted. But I really wanted to show this to you guys so no example picture this time. Rather look at the cover, isn’t it beautiful? Sad the gold doesn’t seem like foil on the photo though but I promise you, it is:

Overall, very interesting find, I’ll definitely be thinking about this some more, eventually I do hope for a flash of inspiration on this one. If you liked it, definitely get it, try the paper, seriously, it’s divine.

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

In other news, I know I’ve been delaying the next color with me, I’m soooo close to the new camera, I can almost taste it. I want you guys to see it better next time. I also have a bunch of reviews lined up which I’ll probably be refilming. So stay tuned!

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