Dagdrömmar love

This one I fully intended to do a video on and well, actually I did start. But then, my camera decided to stop filming without letting me know and I have about 30 minutes of footage missing. So I figured, what the hell, I’ll just finish the picture and move on to the next video project. No fun when parts are missing.

But anyway, this is one of my favorite images from Dagdrömmar by Hanna Karlzon:
_dsc3892I thought about doing the outer part of the background black but nah, it’s light and airy as is I think. Not everything in life needs a black background 😀 This is done with Faber-Castell Polychromos and some white Posca as always.

In other news, I am lining up some interesting topics for you such as a blender pencil comparison and as a big project, trying to compile a list of what I think would be a great start to sets when buying open stock, like pencils you’d be great off with if you can only afford 12 or 24 of them. Something like that.


2 thoughts on “Dagdrömmar love

  1. Any chance you could post the video showing what you have completed of that beautiful illustration … with an alert to your viewers as to what parts of the tutorial are going to be missing? Viewing ANY of your technique on even part of that colouring process would be hugely helpful.


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