Book review – Imagimorphia by Kerby Rosanes

With surprise, I realized I haven’t actually done a proper review for Imagimorphia by Kerby Rosanes. So.. well, here’s me fixing that.

Details: Paperback, Michael O’Mara Books Ltd, 2016
Pages: 250 x 250 x 9mm, 96 pages, good thick paper, double-sided
ISBN10: 1910552143
ISBN13: 9781910552148
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I bet you’ve all seen this book but if you haven’t, lets look at it now. Imagimorphia follows Kerby Rosanes’ previous coloring book, Animorphia. The two are very similar, Imagimorphia feels like the next episode of the same series. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your expectations. To me, it’s a good thing. I loved Animorphia and I also love Imagimorphia. There are differences though, Imagimorphia to me feels a bit more varied and thought through, also there are more single page pictures which I love and paired images that don’t enter the spine. Double page spreads still suffer from the same problem that Animorphia had, they enter the spine and are hard to reach.
I might be wrong but I feel there are less of those alien-like creatures in Imagimorphia. And there’s definitely a sway towards steampunk in this one with clogs and gears and such. Also a definite upgrade from Animorphia to me is that this book has a lot less of those draw-it-yourself pages. I don’t like those and don’t really know many people who do.
Many people are intimidated by the wild amount of detail in these pictures. My suggestion on first starting with these is to pick out a rather limited palette, choose a handful of pencils and work with those, you won’t get overwhelmed with choices and the end result will look cohesive. And you’ll build up courage to do more from these awesome books 🙂
The paper is very nice, thick and smooth, can also take a bit of water so Inktense would be fun to try on these pictures as well, I’d imagine.

Example image:
Done with Derwent Drawing pencils.

Overall I would definitely suggest getting this book if you like these doodle-type pages. And I for one am excited for his next book, Mythomorphia, announced for May 2017.

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

2 thoughts on “Book review – Imagimorphia by Kerby Rosanes

  1. Thank you Iris. So beautifully done and very helpful with a picture I am doing right now using those colour tones. I so appreciate viewing your work.


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