Color with me – Toucan from Magical Jungle with Inktense, day four and done

Oh yay, final bit of the toucan up now! I hope you guys had fun and learned something new about how to use Derwent Inktense. When drawing with these on thick watercolor paper, I layer them a lot but Magical Jungle paper is not meant for water so several layers is not a very good idea, tried to achieve everything with one pass. And I dated this piece wrong 😀 I was absolutely convinced it’s Sept 15th. Oh well, big deal.


  • Be careful when going around the toucan, some bits of the black might not be activated yet and will flood into your background. If it does happen, keep a wet brush close, you can melt the accident into the background a bit with it
  • You don’t have to extend the background out from the circle, it’d be great just within the circle as well
  • Don’t worry about small mishaps. Trust me, other people don’t notice the things you do. A simple test will show this to you, finish your work, don’t overanalyze what went wrong, put the result away for like a month, don’t look at it, don’t think about it. Then take it out and look at it. I bet you won’t remember what was wrong with it. This is the reason we quickly learned to sign our work in art school back in the day, because you can tell your own piece-of-cheese from a mile away when you’ve just finished it but in a month, digging through the piles of paper in our classroom to find your work for the grading, you just can’t find your work anymore because the crappiest picture of a jug in the universe is nothing like you remembered it was 😀 Well that applied to boring still life drawings that you couldn’t personalize all THAT much but the same applies here as well
  • If still stressed about your mishaps, don’t be. Look at mine. It’s nothing close to perfect but still rather nice I think 🙂

And so we end this project:
_dsc3861Done with Derwent Inktense and a bit of white Posca.

Thank you for following this and hope you had fun! I know I did. And I learned a lot doing it, hope to keep improving these color-along videos for you to make it all easier to follow along. Next project will start next week with pencils so stay tuned! But we’ll revisit water solubles with watercolor pencils soon as well.

If you missed the previous sessions, they can all be found HERE. Plus you can subscribe to my Youtube channel to never miss an episode.

All parts:
Day one – leaves
Day two – more leaves, some flowers
Day three – orchids, part of the toucan
Day four – finishing the toucan, background, done

3 thoughts on “Color with me – Toucan from Magical Jungle with Inktense, day four and done

  1. Love it! You have alluded to art school and such a couple times on your blog now. Coloring is great but you’re holding out on us, show us some of your original art!


    1. Thanks 🙂 Well I haven’t really drawn anything worth showing, I’m VERY critical about my own work. That’s why I love coloring, it’s stress-free and I don’t really care all that much about mistakes but I can still create something, even if its not an original work. But yeah, maybe someday.
      Art school was years ago, it was fun back then but now I’d like to go again because back then it was all about fun and games but now I’d love to actually learn something from all of it. But now I don’t have the chance anymore with kids and a job.


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