Color with me – Toucan from Magical Jungle with Inktense, day three

Yay, toucan project continues! My desk isn’t completely dry yet but I figured out a way to do it on the dining table so whoo! Today finishing the foliage with orchids which are completely made up, I didn’t go for realism here, just like the yellow and purple combo so went with that. And starting with the toucan. Next time might be the last session, I hope. We’ll see.
I also made the labels for pencil name/code bigger since it was requested but I probably also need a thicker marker as I realized when done filming. Will do that next time. You can turn up the quality in Youtube from the gear icon, set to the highest and also use full screen mode if any label is hard to read, it should be clear enough then.

Todays two cents:

  • When doing larger areas with multiple shades (like the beak of the toucan), move FAST. Then you can go over the bits that don’t look perfect while its still wet
  • On larger areas, how wet the brush is is important. Since this is not watercolor paper, it’s best to not make the brush too wet but too dry will dry out too fast. So test on a spare piece of paper first if not sure how damp you need to go
  • When doing the rows of feathers, work in a row, that will give the first ones time to dry a bit, otherwise you risk the orange bleeding into your fresh yellow. That applies everywhere, be careful when doing adjacent bits, make sure the last part is dry

If you missed the first bits, part one is HERE and part two HERE. You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to see them all as they come and never miss an episode.

This is where we stop today:

See you next time, hopefully tomorrow but if not, then Monday, I don’t shoot on weekends at the moment 🙂 Next project will be with pencils and probably a female once again, still choosing and thinking. And with the next project we will start after this, I will also include list of pencils used in every session and whether you can easily replace it with something else if you want the same color scheme as mine.

All parts:
Day one – leaves
Day two – more leaves, some flowers
Day three – orchids, part of the toucan
Day four – finishing the toucan, background, done

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