Stealing pictures is not okay

Sadly my attention was today brought to the fact that one of my pictures has been stolen on Instagram, here. If you’re a colorist, please take a look at this persons Instagram account to see if any of your pictures are up there as well. I reported this for copyright infringement and suggest you do the same if you find your work there.

Now while the original linework copyright belongs to the corresponding artist, the coloring copyright belongs to whoever did it and it is not okay to go around claiming work you haven’t done is yours. Just as we give credit to the artist who created the book, we need to be credited for the coloring, that’s just how intellectual property works.
I do not condone stealing of any kind, whether it be intellectual property or a physical item. Reposting is a whole different subject, I’m happy if you share my work and link it back to me.

Thus it’s time, from this point on my images will be watermarked. I will not start to replace the old ones so if you notice any of my work floating out there without credit now or later, please do let me know.

Please keep this hobby fun and happy and don’t steal, just grab your pencils and create your own and spread the joy 🙂

Update from Instagram: Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have removed or disabled access to the content that you reported for violating the Instagram Terms of Use.

9 thoughts on “Stealing pictures is not okay

  1. I blocked that person today, she took one of my photos, too (the peacock). Luckily I always sign or watermark my work. She is either totally ignorant or an intellectual property robber, but in either case she is very disrespectful, She has caused quite a stir in some communities for what she has done. Signing or watermarking your work is a must these days…


    1. I’m sorry yours was taken too. It is very rude indeed, I hope this is a rare exception and not something that will start happening more often.
      I feel a little weird signing my work since well I give more credit to the author of the book but I’d really rather not deal with this sort of crap in the future.


  2. You should not have to worry about or deal with this kind of theft. It is very sad that people think it is ok to steal other people’s work and claim it for their own. Not good at all. Let us hope these people are in the minority as it is impossible to check everywhere.


      1. I agree it is such a relaxing hobby, and something we should feel free to share with one another without anyone taking advantage. So far I have only met lovely people, but this case shows there are some out there who are not confident in their own work so feel the need to steal. My work is pretty average, but for me it is stress relieving fun, and I can use my imagination, and that is what counts. I admire people like you who have such great talents, but cannot imagine wanting to ever steal and pretend it was mine.


  3. I do hope this woman’s nonsense will not stop you and the other truly talented colourists from posting. It is “learning” from folks like you that encourages this delightful hobby.


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