Color with me – Toucan from Magical Jungle with Inktense, day two

I hoped to get a little more done today on the toucan image from Magical Jungle but both my camera batteries ran dry so that’s that. Today finishing up the leaves and starting with the flowers.

Todays thoughts:

  • When doing leaves for instance, try to pick warmer colors for the leaves in the front an cooler on the back. In real life cooler colored things also happen to be on the front sometimes with warm in the back but our brains know that shadows are cooler and makes cool colors optically recede to the back and this will help create a natural look, even though it’s not always arranged so nicely in real life
  • Using tissue paper is good when you get too much water flowing from the brush, it will dry it up a bit

Not a lot of other original thoughts here, look at part one to get more tips if you missed that.

Today we reached this result:

I also hoped to do the orchids in this session but yes, batteries. I will probably add some more detail to the flowers later but we’ll see about that.

All parts:
Day one – leaves
Day two – more leaves, some flowers
Day three – orchids, part of the toucan
Day four – finishing the toucan, background, done

3 thoughts on “Color with me – Toucan from Magical Jungle with Inktense, day two

  1. With regards to day two can you please clarify what colours you used for the branch, I missed catching the first colour, thanking you in advance


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