Nameplate page, Blomstermandala

This nameplate page from Blomstermandala by Maria Trolle has been a WIP for weeks now, it was time to finish it to get a move on with other projects. This time, no Posca or Signo, whoo! I feel like a Posca addict, trying to recover 😀 So proud of myself for going without it just this once.
This page was done with Derwent Artists pencils, review for those pencils will come hopefully this week but soon anyway.

The video project will continue tomorrow so stay tuned for more of the toucan.

4 thoughts on “Nameplate page, Blomstermandala

  1. I love my Derwent Artist and Colorsoft pencils, I use them just as much as the Polychromos and Pablos. You have done a beautiful job here, I love the softness of the page, it goes to show that not everything has to be so vibrant, that sometimes a softer look is lovely.


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