Book review – Equinox by Stephen Barnwell

If I were to talk of things that get me excited, indie-anything is sure one of them. Indie coloring books are no exception. I was really happy to find Equinox by Stephen Barnwell, it’s everything I hope for in a coloring book and more.

Details: Paperback, Antarctica Arts Publishing, 2016
Pages: 8.5 x 11″, 124 pages, 70 pound paper, single-sided
ISBN: 9780991321636
Where to get: US versionInternational versionAntarctica Arts page

This is a really cool book by Stephen Barnwell, it’s his first coloring book but he’s no beginner at art, you can read his impressive resume on the Antarctica Arts website. This book has an awesome style and the images caught my eye immediately. Also check out the colored pages on their website, there are some seriously amazing ways to color these. And there’s also a section there for tips and tricks for coloring.
The book has 52 images, all printed on just one side so you can use markers with confidence (though do put a sheet of paper under the picture you’re working with to protect the next page).
The paper quality depends on the version. The US version is printed on 70 pound paper, which is roughly 105 gsm, it’s not the thickest paper in the world but better then your average copy paper. The international version is printed by Amazon and thus is on copy paper. So I do recommend getting the US version from either the link above or their website. The paper will not take water well since it’s on the thinner side, it will buckle so stick to pencils and you’ll be fine.
The book is divided into four sections by seasons and has the most fantastical imagery ever, everything from flying pigs to Arthurian legends. They’re all so cool that I had a really hard time picking my first image and I will certainly revisit this book later to do more. I also love how the author himself has colored the images, they’re very dreamlike in a way.
The images range in difficulty from very easy to a bit more challenging but there’s something for everyone which is always awesome.

For example, the one I had such a hard time choosing but I am partial to anything with antlers (even though I really suck at coloring animals):
Colored with Marco Renoir pencils and a wee bit of white Posca.

Overall, I love this book! I definitely recommend getting it. The paper could be thicker so it could take water as well but that is really the only thing I can think to pick on. The images are seriously enchanting and crazy enough to offer fun for days. I do hope Stephen Barnwell will do more books in the future, I’ll surely be lining up for the next as well.

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher. All of the above opinions are my own.
Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

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