Book review – Creative Haven Curious Creatures by Amy Weber

Creative Haven has a ton of coloring books, I will not even hazard a guess as to how many. I only have this one, Curious Creatures by Amy Weber. So lets take a look at it.

Details: Paperback, Dover Publications Inc, 2013
Pages: 203.2 x 271.78 x 7.62mm, 64 pages, rather thin paper, single-sided
ISBN10: 0486492699
ISBN13: 9780486492698
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Curious Creatures is filled with whimsical steampunk imagery, crazy creatures and items. The pages are perforated, which I find to be very cool. All the books in the Creative Haven series should have that to my knowledge. The paper is quite thin and not all that great, it’s basically standard copy paper. But the images are printed on one side only so for markers, it’s okay. With pencils, you’ll probably struggle a bit if you want tons of layers.
The images in this book are seriously fun and crazy and childlike in the best of meanings. I had two copies of this by accident and I have a friend who frowned upon this whole coloring business but when she saw this book, she had to have the second copy and well.. I now get excited messages from her when she has finished another page. So that’s what this book has done to at least one person 😀
If you like this sort of style, grab this, you’ll love it. Even with the sub-par paper. The book is cheap so that’s how they keep the production cost and subsequently the price down. Can’t have cheap AND quality paper most of the time plus keep the artist fed as well.

Overall, it’s a fun and cute book that will charm your socks off 🙂

In other news, I’m having problems with the new lighting for my videos, seems nobody has thought to order daylight temperature LED strips here, shop number five is investigating currently, whether they can help me. So fingers crossed! Until then my current WIP is the platypus for Millie Marotta’s contest. If you haven’t seen it, she is holding a contest in Facebook, go check it out and enter as well! The prizes are cool. I do admit I was secretly hoping the prize would be a signed copy of Curious Creatures but can’t have it all 😀

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

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