Book review – The Magical Journey by Lizzie Mary Cullen

Following my love for The Magical City, I picked up The Magical Journey by Lizzie Mary Cullen through a preorder before it was released. Since that was in June, I guess it’s high time I finally show it to you guys as well.

Details: Paperback, Penguin Books Ltd, 2016
Pages: 248 x 249 x 11mm, 96 pages, good smooth paper, double-sided
ISBN10: 1405927984
ISBN13: 9781405927987
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I’ll get this right off my chest, when I preordered it, I was expecting another The Magical City, with it’s twirly cities and landscapes. This is not it. Well it has pages that are but many aren’t. To me that was a disappointment because I was expecting it to be something else. However, that said, it is a wonderfully illustrated book and has tons of personality and the same fun factor that The Magical City has. So this is just a personal thing that I wanted more of the same and got something new instead, which is actually what most people would want 😀
Anyway the concept of this book is that you can go along on a journey with Lizzie and Paddy the Pug through different countries around the world. There are cities, people and even food in this book (sushi anyone?), all drawn in Lizzie’s recognizable fun style. And hey, someone do the double page with trees, I dare you!
The paper is very nice, like The Magical City has. You can use water sparingly in this book. Pencils love the paper, easy to work with surface.
The images are on both sides of the page.
Lizzie Mary Cullen also has The Magical City which I’ve already reviewed HERE, The Magical Christmas which I don’t own and Bon Voyage, which I will cover at a later date. There will soon be a Spanish themed book out as well and English themed one is scheduled for early next year. So loads of interesting things coming from Lizzie’s talented hand, I’m excited for it all.

But back to The Magical Journey, for example I’ve done this geisha:

Overall, it’s a great book, full of variety, not only the cityscapes we’ve all come to love from The Magical City, but also everything from sushi to people.

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

2 thoughts on “Book review – The Magical Journey by Lizzie Mary Cullen

  1. Oh my god! I just watched the flip through and gasped! She has a picture of Fremantle! That’s a port in Western Australia (about ten mins drive from my house). I’m so excited and delighted. I’ve got to buy this book now.


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