Color with me, Free from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon, day four, finishing

Yay, got a good stretch of coloring time today and so finished this wonderful girl from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon. So here’s a mammoth of a video for you. Today covering everything left out last time, hair, bird, eye, lips and pastel background.

Used Prismacolor Premier pencils, Sennelier soft pastels and white Posca in two sizes plus a tad bit of Signo Uniball gel pen but mine has dried out I think, it’s acting weird so I switched to Posca pretty quickly.


  • You can read all my pastel background tips HERE
  • Total trivia – the strange movement you might notice there is my table moving. I am using an angled drafting table and it has a drawer underneath the tabletop with all my art supplies so I possibly created some strange visuals for you guys by grabbing some stuff from there
  • As you can see, everyone makes mistakes. So do I. I do a LOT of tiny little errors and some not so tiny (namely the oopsie I did near the bird that won’t erase out completely since Prismas don’t erase well) but it’s still all good 🙂 Lesson here being, worry less, enjoy coloring more, nobody really cares about the tiny mistakes you do and you won’t notice them yourself later either
  • When doing blonde hair, don’t just stick to yellows, it will be boring as hell. I didn’t want to go too much overboard here so I used a little purple and a lot of brown but you can use a lot more. Purples are generally a good idea since they bring out the oomph in yellow, being opposite to each other on the color wheel. I tend to struggle with hair in coloring books since I’m used to drawing hair, coloring books frame the hair in a very set and rigid manner, it needs a different approach then drawing hair. But I think this turned out pretty okay 🙂
  • With polished smooth gems like this, the light hits them from above and exits from below, that makes for a pretty weird effect to wrap your brain around, they’re darker on top and lighter at the bottom but the reflection is on top. Once you start thinking too hard about it, you run into danger of switching it around and then it looks unnatural and you won’t know why, that happens quite a lot
  • I flip the book around quite often when not filming 😀 I follow the natural flow of my stroke and flip the book around to fit me instead of trying to fit the book. Here I did this only once though, for the eyelashes, my stroke naturally tapers in the end so I find it a LOT easier to do eyelashes upside down

And here’s the finished picture in decent lighting:
_DSC3780 - Version 4
So yes, there really are freckles 😀 You can’t really see them all that well from the video.

That said, I bought the wrong color LED strip for my lighting 😀 Going back tonight to see if I can score a cool white one, mine is a warm white, that’s so not what would help us.

Ahh, I truly do enjoy coloring girls the most 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this as well! Will figure out the lighting and do another one soon so stay tuned!

All parts:
Day one – skin
Day two – tattoo, headpiece
Day three – flowers, beads
Day four – lips, eye, hair, bird, pastel background, done

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