Color with me, Free from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon, day two

Lets continue with the wonderful girl from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon. Day two brings us somewhat boring bits of finishing with the tattoo and the metal bits of the headpiece.
Part one HERE.

So thoughts on todays session, not all that many this time since it was a repetitive one:

  • The neck is a bit of an uh hum, it needs thinking since the tattoo itself does not take into account that the collarbones exist and doesn’t curve accordingly, the shading can only do so much, still thinking on what to do with that.
  • I went with a golden look for the headpiece but you can really do whatever you like. I think the only bit I will call done for now is the headpiece metal bits. Or well I’ll pretend it’s metal.
  • You can really start with anything on the hair, flowers, hair, headpiece, whatever strikes your fancy. I started with the headpiece because it seemed easier this way to me to make sense of what’s going on there and what line is what.
  • I really need to figure out how to do better quality videos with the crap I have, this is seriously bad.

Yup, all I have to say for now. Tomorrow I’ll probably tackle the flowers. I also received something seriously exciting in the mail today which you’ll also get to see very soon, yay! Nope, not Magical Jungle. Don’t bother, you won’t guess.

All parts:
Day one – skin
Day two – tattoo, headpiece
Day three – flowers, beads
Day four – lips, eye, hair, bird, pastel background, done

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