Book review – Inklings by Tanya Bond

So, inbetween the color along project, lets continue with browsing through my book shelf, over half done, yay! Today, Inklings by Tanya Bond.

Details: Paperback, self published, 2016
Pages: A4, 24 illustrations, 170gsm paper, double-sided (single-sided in Amazon)
Where to get: Tanya Bond EtsyAmazon

I’ve also done a review on her second book, Inklings 2 HERE.

This book has 24 images, the Etsy version is double-sided, Amazon single-sided. They probably also have different paper but I can only comment on the Etsy version. While the paper is thick, it’s also a tad bit rough so you’ll need a lot of layers or blending to get a smooth finish. That can be a good thing but if you want smooth fast, maybe check out the Amazon version, perhaps that one has smoother paper.

The illustrations are all of Tanya Bonds beautiful Inklings creatures, her style is very recognizable and cool. And I think these are perfect for both those who love to color girls like me and those who want to learn how to do skin because you won’t learn without practice and this has 24 girls to practice on 🙂

This is my finished piece from this book:

Overall it is one of my favorite books, though I love the second book a smidgeon more, it has better paper. Tanya Bond also has a mini-Inklings book which is a small size that you can easily carry around and now a new coloring book journal so check those out as well. I don’t own neither so can’t show them to you.

Later today I hope to continue with the color along video so stay tuned.

Disclaimer: all of the above opinions are mine, you might have a different experience and opinions

2 thoughts on “Book review – Inklings by Tanya Bond

  1. Hello Iris,

    Great review! I looked at the Inklings 2 review as well and ordered it on Etsy as you mentioned the paper quality was better than the version sold on Amazon. I bought her first book on Amazon and gave it to my niece as I was really disappointed with the quality of the paper. Looking at your review of Inklings 2, it seems to me that the pages are bright white. Am I correct? I thought it would be a nice off-white color, like most European books are. Thanks a lot!


    1. Yes, the pages are bright white. The paper is definitely better then Amazon one, still nowhere near the Swedish books and so on but a lot easier to handle then the crap Amazon prints on.


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