Color with me, Free from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon, day one

Yay for video finally! I figured I’ll do a color along and not create one massive video but a series of slightly less massive videos, one day at a time. Todays session was almost two hours I think? The video is sped up 1,5 times so you wouldn’t die of boredom. You can speed it up even more by clicking on the gear icon under the video and choose speed.
I would really like to talk to you on the video and explain things since that’s remarkably easier then writing about them later but my spoken English is absolutely atrocious since I never use it, I only read and write. And well, watch movies 😀 So music and written words it is.

Picture from Sommarnatt by Hanna Karlzon. Pencils Prismacolor Premier, color codes are shown in the video.

So the verbal bit. First of all, sorry that my hand is blocking the view at times, I’m still learning 🙂 My camera also isn’t the best out there. Well it’s probably among the worst out there but hey, better then nothing! Thoughts in pretty random order:

  • With the skin I chose to go light this time, I’m not sure if it’s done yet, probably not but a good base is down. Sometimes I also like to do a blue “underpainting” to cool things down but I left that out this time because I want a really warm and light end result. I still used a greyish blue in the shadow bits because shadows are cooler.
  • You can also go a lot redder with cheeks then I did but for now I’ll probably go with about this amount of pink. If you do decide to go more red, pick a cooler red, it will work better. And sandwich it a bit, don’t use it on the last layer.
  • As for freckles, I always sandwich them in the middle somewhere, if you do them last, they tend to look like they just sit on top of the skin and aren’t part of it. Also when you’re doing freckles, think about the curves. Freckles are never uniform in size, color and direction. Vary size, intensity and follow the natural curves of the face. Like with this picture, since she’s facing straight to the “camera”, the sides of the nose won’t have round freckles but more like stripes because you see them from the side. Makes sense?
  • I also laid down a blue layer of guidelines for myself for the chest and neck area which will disappear completely but it will help me build some definition there later when done with the tattoos.
  • When you’re going over with a light pencil to blend the darker ones, it’s actually better to have it blunt.
  • You don’t have to use the same pencils as I did, use what you have. Basically for skin you’ll be good with a light peach, a darker peachy pinky thing (in here, Nectar), a dark cool brown (Sepia in this case) and some sort of pink and blueish grayish pencil. That’s the bare minimum that will get you places. You will benefit from adding a light cream, possibly even white and a lighter brown and maybe a few more skin type pinks and peaches. You can get away with a small array of pencils but you will benefit greatly from variety. But don’t go overboard or it will become muddy and insane. Though that can be fun too.
  • I’m going with natural lips so I also laid down a base of Nectar, if you prefer lipstick look, leave the lips blank for now if coloring along. The more layers you build, the harder it is to get a clean look so if you’re going for red lips, leave out the natural step, go straight to red, it will look cleaner and better.
  • Always use a reference picture when in doubt. I don’t need one with this anymore simply because I’ve done straight on faces so long I know the curves by heart but if you don’t, reference pictures are cool! Don’t be scared to use them, it will improve your work greatly, the human brain does not remember all the visual details, it tends to think in geometrical descriptions of things quite often and simplifies things. So unless you’ve drawn something enough to recall it by memory, use reference. I’m lazy here, I’m not entirely sure about the hand but I’m winging it. I bet you it will not look right in the end because I was lazy and didn’t want to use reference. It will serve to prove this point at least 😀

So we’ll continue with this tomorrow and see where we get then. Until then, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below in the comments or under the Youtube video or if you want to ask in private, all kinds of contacts for me are available up under the “about me” tab.

All parts:
Day one – skin
Day two – tattoo, headpiece
Day three – flowers, beads
Day four – lips, eye, hair, bird, pastel background, done

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